Save 15% OFF Montessori materials

Save 15% OFF Montessori materials

If you live in a cold winter climate then February is often referred to as the month of blues. Less sunshine, slushy roads, and heavy clothes can bring your mood down. It affects children too and can be felt at home and in the classroom.

Chase the February blues away in your classroom by introducing new materials to your children. Spark their interest in new materials and you’ll see an elevated mood and energy level.

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Feb 2016 Sale

Happy Birthday Montessori Print Shop!

It’s that time of year – our annual Birthday celebration! We’re celebrating 13 years online.


It’s hard to believe that Montessori Print Shop began 13 years ago. Oh how we’ve grown! We’re proud to have become a leader in online Montessori printables, and it’s been an absolute pleasure to have served our loyal customers all these years.

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We thank you for your patronage these past 13 years,
The Montessori Print Shop Team

Thanksgiving Sale – Save 15%

Hello Friends,

It’s been quite a while since our last blog post. We’ve been busy these past few months creating new materials and filling our store. Hopefully you’ll find something that will bring a smile to your students faces.

We’d like to wish everyone a very Happy US Thanksgiving! We hope you enjoy your time off with family and friends.

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Geography Sale – SAVE 30%

Dear Friends,
Over 60 New Geography items have now been added to our store! For seven days only, SAVE 30% OFF all Geography printables. Take advantage of this huge savings and complete your geography area today. Only individual Geography items are included in this sale (Bundles not included). Valid from June 23 to June 30, 2015.

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Wrap Up the School Year: Cleaning and Preparing for Fall

Many of you are now wrapping up your school year before the summer holidays. Congratulations to you all for a successful year! Perhaps you’re feeling a little drained after a long school year? You’re most likely daydreaming about your upcoming summer fun, and time to relax with family and friends. The last thing on your mind is cleaning and storing your classroom materials and thinking about next year!  But that’s exactly what you should be thinking about. (Read until the end of this post to find a 15% OFF coupon code)

If you make a plan, it won’t seem so overwhelming. Here are a few key things to consider when cleaning at the end of the school year – before you make your summer getaway.

A complete Primary Montessori classroom (2½ to 6 years old), with all the required Montessori materials should take 2 adults approximately 3 days to clean. This would include all of the materials (wooden, laminated cards, containers, etc.), tables, chairs, shelves, cubbies, snack area, etc.

What do you need to complete this process of cleaning and storing?

  • Wash basins (easier to clean the materials at each shelf, rather than transporting all materials to the sink)
  • cloths (to wash and to dry)
  • scrub brushes
  • liquid cleaning solution
  • hot water
  • rubber dish-washing gloves (for sensitive hands)

It’s important to disinfect everything in your classroom. Even though you’ve been wiping your shelves and dusting throughout the school year, there is an accumulation of grime and germs on every card, container, and piece of material. Washing everything is  the last thing you really want to do, but it must be done at the end of every school year. And bear in mind, it will make it that much easier to start your next school year after your summer fun is over.

Obviously, you won’t be able to clean cards and labels that are not laminated, but the containers that hold them need to thoroughly cleaned. So how do you clean the multitude of laminated cards in your classroom?

  1. Prepare a liquid disinfectant solution of your choice.
  2. Lay a large, clean, dry cloth on a table.
  3. Using a cleaning cloth, wet it with your cleaning solution and wring it out very well.
  4. Wipe the front of a card clean with the wet cleaning cloth.
  5. Flip the card over and lay it on the dry cloth.
  6. Wipe the backside of the card.
  7. Continue for all cards.
  8. Clean the container.
  9. Allow sufficient time for the cards to dry or wipe with the dry cloth.

As you clean the materials, you should be checking to make sure you have all the pieces for each lesson. Be sure to count your color bead bars, golden beads, square chain labels (free download) and cube chain labels, skittles, etc., for math. Do you have your smallest pink cube for the Pink Tower (and a spare, because we all know that smallest pink cube is so darn cute and sometimes mysteriously disappears, only to reappear a few days later)? Are you missing language cards, picture cards, farm animals, fabric swatches, or stamps for the Stamp Game? How about Stamp Game Paper (free download)? Do you have all your Nomenclature and black-line masters? It’s so important to leave every lesson clean and complete.

As you work your way through the cleaning process, it’s an opportunity to reflect on the success of the materials and lessons that you have in your classroom. Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do the materials meet the needs of the children?
  • Are there areas that are lacking materials (language, culture, and geography are usual)?
  • Do you have returning students that are prepared for more in-depth materials that you don’t have?
  • Are there new concepts you would like to introduce to the children next year?
  • Do you have all your required Administrative Records and Forms?

So you have lots of things to think about during your days of cleaning! The process is so much more enjoyable with another adult helping out. Volunteer parents are helpful for cleaning practical life dishes, shelves, tables, chairs, etc. But it’s always best to have a trained Teacher/Directress and/or an Assistant clean the materials, as they are familiar with the full contents of each lesson. Add in some music, conversation, and laughs about moments during the school year, and the time will pass quickly.

When you figure out what materials you’re missing, or what lessons you’d like to add to your classroom, use this Coupon Code: MAY2015 to SAVE 15% OFF materials in our online store. Coupon code is valid May 11 to May 20, 2015.


February Savings – 15% OFF printable Montessori materials

We are in the middle of a deep freeze here….brrr! We hope you’re all keeping warmer than we are. If you’re like us and you’re stuck inside, there is no better time to prep new materials then right now.

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Win our Montessori Pink, Blue, and Green Phonetic Language Series

Win our Montessori Pink, Blue, and Green Phonetic Language Series

Happy 11th Birthday to Us! This is the last giveaway of our 11th Anniversary Birthday Bash.  Be sure to see all the great giveaways that end Jan 31, 2015.


This fantastic Montessori Language Series includes the following Pink Blue Green Bundles. The Bundles contains 51 pdf files and instructions that you print and prepare for your children to use. Click the individual links to view the contents of each Series.

 Montessori Green Phonogram Series Bundle – 20 LessonsMontessori Green Phonogram Language Series by Montessori Print Shop

The winner has the option of choosing the non-color coded Series
– also known as Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3 in our store.

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Win 93 printable Montessori Geography Lessons

Happy 11th Birthday to Us! In case you’re new to Montessori Print Shop, please be sure to visit our 11th Anniversary Birthday Bash to see all the great giveaways that end Jan 31, 2015.

This is the second last giveaway for our celebration and it’s a great one!

Win 93 Geography files – retail value $214.96printable Montessori Geography Lessons

Includes the following Geography Bundles – you choose if you’d like the cards with color borders or without color borders:

  1. North America (6 files)
  2. South America (6 files)
  3. Africa (6 files)
  4. Asia (7 files)
  5. Australia/Australasia/Oceania (7 files)
  6. Europe (6 files)
  7. Antarctica (continent folder & animals) (2 files)
  8. Pin Maps (12 files)
  9. Pin Flags (14 files)
  10. Flags: Black-line Masters (8 files)
  11. Land & Water Forms (15 files)
  12. Continent Cards (hemisphere & world) (2 files)
  13. Animals of the Continents & Animals of the Continents Booklets (2 files)

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Win a set of Primary Montessori Teaching Manuals and the Montessori At Home eBook and Printables

Next up for our 11th Anniversary Birthday Bash – 4 Primary Montessori Teaching Manuals and the Montessori At Home! eBook and Printables Bundle.


This is a great prize, especially for those of you are just beginning your homeschool journey, or are starting to incorporate Montessori materials/lessons into your classroom.

Montessori Print Shop Primary Teaching Manuals

The Primary Montessori Teaching Manuals Bundle includes the following theory and lessons for children ages 2½ to 6 years of age:

  • Practical Life Teaching Manual (Theory + 75 lessons)
  • Sensorial Teaching Manual (Theory + 45 lessons
  • Language Teaching Manual (Theory + 30 lessons)
  • Math Teaching Manual (Theory + 52 lessons)

Montessori at Home eBook and Printables

The Montessori At Home! eBook and Materials Bundle includes:

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