Frogs, Frogs, Frogs … it’s that time of year!

We thought that since we’re deep into Spring now that most everyone would be starting to cover the topic of frogs. After all, who doesn’t love spending time at the water’s edge trying to catch tadpoles and frogs?
Here you will find some ideas to help you come up with a well-rounded Frog Unit to offer your children.

Some Book Ideas:



          Plastic Frog Life Cycle                        Grow a Frog                                   Frog Counters – Math



In our Free Montessori Materials section you will find the following:

Free Frog Match-Up and Memory GameFree Frog Match-Up and Memory Game by Montessori Print Shop

Free Frog Nomenclature CardsFree Frog Nomenclature Cards by Montessori Print Shop
   Free Frog Nomenclature Book Free Frog Nomenclature Book by Montessori Print Shop

We also offer a Frog Basic Starter Unit that includes 12 different activities (includes blackline masters where required.

Frog Basic Unit Starter by Montessori Print Shop
Frog Crafts and Activities

  • Frog Craft
  • How Tadpoles Breathe
  • Frog Raft
  • Puddle-Jumping Frog
  • Frog Visor
  • Tic-Tac Toads
We hope that these ideas will help you get started, or increase the Montessori materials and ideas that you already have. Have a great time catching frogs!

The Beauty of Montessori Classified Cards

The Beauty of Montessori Classified Cards

The importance and beauty of Montessori Classified Cards is often overlooked. It’s a material that can follow the child for their full 3 years in the Casa (primary) and can be used for vocabulary, classification, reading, writing, culture, geography, and art. How many Montessori materials are that versatile?
We carry a large selection of Classified Cards, but we often get questions from customers on exactly how to use them. So, we’ll tackle the ins and outs of Classified Cards and help you help your child(ren)/students to make better use of them.
Classified Cards are generally designed in a 3-Part Series; one picture card
with a label, one picture card without a label, one label…..example in the photo: farm animals.
Farm Animals: Classified Cards by Montessori Print ShopSometimes you will find that the picture card with a label actually has the label on the backside of the card. We’ve designed our cards with the labels on the front – for two reasons. #1. The card with the label attached is used as a ‘control card’ when the child is reading the labels and matching them to the picture cards. Having to flip the labeled card over to check their work seems pointless. #2 Preparation of materials (printing,
cutting, laminating and trimming) takes time …. and time is at a premium for most teachers and parents. So, we cut out the additional step of gluing a label on the back and instead have it printed on the front of the cards.

On to the reason we use the Classified Cards. They are meant to be a ‘key’ to the child. They help the child to have a greater understanding of their environment, the world, and where things fit in. There are many (most often too many) objects that could be included in each of the sets of cards.

The direct purpose of Classified Cards is to enrich and enlarge a child’s vocabulary, and to aid in the classification of the environment. This is typically done with no more than 12 cards per set. If you have a larger selection of cards per set you can rotate them, however that can interfere with the indirect purpose of the cards; which is preparation for further studies. The cards are meant to give a small introduction to the child; it piques their curiosity and they are then internally driven to find out which other objects belong within the classification. This of course doesn’t happen until the child is 5-6 years of age.

Seven ways a set of Classified Cards can be used for a child’s 3 years in the Casa … Read the full article


Montessori Materials in Hebrew

Great news for those of you looking for Montessori Materials in Hebrew! We have been blessed to cross paths with a new friend (blog : My Child’s Diary) who is translating some of our materials into Hebrew (and perhaps also into Russian at some point). She is a lovely woman who has shared so many wonderful Montessori moments and inspirations with everyone who has read her blog.Here is a direct link to the Hebrew section in our store. Please be patient as it does take time to translate and list new materials.
Fruit Cards in Hebrew by Montessori Print Shop