Adventure to Africa: printable materials of Africa

Adventure to Africa: printable materials of Africa

A wonderful way to journey through Africa even if you can’t afford to travel all the way there! Print out our African Geography Montessori materials and your children will begin to visually experience the life, the people, the animals, the food, the landmarks and more. Our African materials are an excellent way to start learning about Africa. Add some maps, video, audio (music from Africa), animal figures and food sampling, and you can take an adventure to Africa with your children!
Choose either the materials with the green border (if it matches your color-coded maps), or the materials without color borders.

Emergent Readers, Hebrew Montessori Materials, Instant Word Cards

We are very excited about a new line of Read and Illustrate Readers for children. So far, we have 2 of 15 books available. These books come in 2-Parts and offer children beautiful photographic images, factual information, with text that is appropriate yet challenging for the emergent reader. Part 1 is a fully illustrated version of the book that the children can read and internalize the concepts. We recommend printing this version on card stock, laminating it, and binding it so that it will have a long shelf life.Part 2 is exactly the same as Part 1, except that it has text only, with blank space for the children to illustrate the concepts on each page. This allows children to creatively demonstrate their understanding of the concepts that they have read. We recommend printing this version on regular paper for each child. You can staple the pages together, have them illustrate the pages, and allow them to keep their own copy for reading at home.

Seeds – Read and IllustrateSeeds: Read and Illustrate by Montessori Print Shop

The Butterfly – Read and IllustrateThe Butterfly: Read and Illustrate by Montessori Print Shop<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>

300 Instant Word Cards300 Instant Word CardsThese 300 words and their variants make up 65% of all words in any textbook, newspaper, or writing sample in English. Fluency in reading or writing is made easier when these words are known instantly.


Hand Tools in Hebrew by Montessori Print Shop

Primary Montessori Teaching Manuals

Primary Montessori Teaching Manuals

Are you interested in exposing your children to Montessori education, but can’t afford the tuition? You want to implement Montessori curriculum but don’t know how to give the lessons? Are you home schooling your children using some Montessori materials? Working in a child care setting? Looking for additional teaching materials for children in traditional school settings? Watching your child struggle with basic math and language concepts? Have a hands-on learner? Want to encourage your children to learn at their own pace?

If you answered yes to even one of the above questions then our Primary Montessori Teaching Manuals are for you!

Primary Montessori Teaching Manuals by Montessori Print ShopOur Primary Montessori Teaching Manuals are geared towards teaching children ages 2½ to 6 years. There are four manuals that cover the areas of Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, and Math. Our Montessori teaching manuals are in pdf digital format that are instantly downloaded and saved directly on your computer. They are very affordable ($19.99 – $24.99) and give you the information you need to successfully guide your children through the early years of Montessori materials.

Each teaching manual is based on AMI Principles and Concepts and offers complete and comprehensive information. This includes:

  • theory on the area and how it interrelates with the other areas of the Montessori environment
  • full step-by-step instructions with pictures and diagrams for each lesson
  • direct links to our online materials – makes preparation for the lesson quick and easy
  • additional exercises, extensions, and games are included where applicable

Each lesson in the Montessori Teaching Manuals include:

  • materials list
  • material photo(s)
  • detailed step-by-step instructions
  • notes to the teacher
  • purpose of the activity
  • points of interest
  • control of error
  • suggested age for presentation


Pink Blue Green Montessori Language Series

Montessori Pink Blue Green Language Series

Storing our Montessori Pink Blue Green Language Series isn’t as overwhelming as it might seem. The easiest, most organized, and accessible way looks like this:

Montessori Pink Blue Green Series Storage

These hardware towers are available at most hardware stores, Wal-Mart, etc. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes – be sure the individual drawers are wide enough for all the small cards (we designed all of the card sets to fit into the standard size drawers – but please check before purchasing).

Pink Blue Green Language Series Tower 1

For the sheets and labels, sentence cards, sound choice cards, etc (materials that are too big for the towers) – you can use a variety of color-coded baskets and trays. Dollar Stores are famous for having a huge assortment of colored trays, baskets, boxes, etc.


We have not only our Pink Blue Green Series stored, but it includes most of our Primary Montessori Grammar Materials too! What a fantastic way to keep a huge assortment of language materials together in one place and so easily accessible to the children. The drawers are easily removed from the tower and taken to a work space – then easily slid back into the tower when the work is completed.

We have free labels for the storage drawers that can be downloaded from our Free Montessori Materials page. Print, cut and adhere to the outside of the drawer with tape (tape across the label and wrap it around the edges of the drawer so that label is protected) … quick and easy!


Bean Seed, Jellyfish, and Starfish Nomenclature


Botany, the study of plant life, is an important part of Montessori education. As teachers and parents we hope that children not only understand the biological aspect of plant life, but that they respect it as well.In order to understand the biological processes the children must first learn the names and functions of the various parts. This can be accomplished using:Bean Seed Nomenclature CardsBean Seed Nomenclature Cards by Montessori Print ShopBean Seed Nomenclature BookBean Seed Nomenclature Book by Montessori Print ShopThe bean seed is quite easy to use as it grows quickly and easily, and offers children an excellent view at the biological process.

The children will love watching their bean seeds grow! This article gives step by step instructions on how to grow bean seeds with your children.
Also available in our Nomenclature section:

Jellyfish Nomenclature CardsJellyfish Nomenclature Cards by Montessori Print Shop

Starfish Nomenclature Book by Montessori Print Shop.

Montessori Nomenclature

Montessori Nomenclature

What is Montessori Nomenclature? Why do you use it? How do you use it?

There is nothing to be afraid of …. Montessori nomenclature is fun, educational and easy to use. It’s so easy that you can learn by using it right alongside your students.


1. What is Montessori Nomenclature?
Nomenclature cards and booklets identify and name the various parts of the object or animal you are learning about. Each part is isolated in color which draws your attention to that particular part and not to superfluous details.

We’ve divided our Nomenclature in to 3 categories:

BotanyBotany Nomenclature Cards by Montessori Print Shop

ZoologyZoology Nomenclature Cards by Montessori Print ShopOther NomenclatureMontessori Nomenclature Cards by Montessori Print ShopOther Nomenclature Cards by Montessori Print ShopMost of our Nomenclature is designed in a 3-Part Card and Book Series.
Montessori Nomenclature Cards and Books2. Why do we use it? Children gain a much clearer and deeper understanding … Read the rest of this article

Free Printable Montessori Materials

Free Printable Montessori Materials

We’ve decided to use a new format for our Free printable Montessori Materials. There is nothing worse than purchasing an item, and then finding out it’s listed for free the next month! To avoid this, we’ve changed the set-up.
Instead of choosing a Montessori material to list for free each month, we have instead listed them on our Free Montessori Materials page. They will remain listed and will not change throughout the year. Feel free to direct all of your friends to our site to download all the free items from there – or save a link to us. Our files have a copyright – please do not share files, upload them to a file sharing site, sell them, or sell printed copies of the files. Thank you.