Printable Montessori Geography Materials

Printable Montessori Geography Materials

We are in the process of completing the geography materials section so that everyone can provide their children with complete printable Montessori Geography materials.  We now offer all of our geography cards with a color border (for those who follow the Nienhuis color-coding) and also with “No Color Border” (you can mount the cards on your own choice of colored paper before laminating).
The color-coding is as follows:
Montessori Map Colors

Each Continent will include sets you can purchase individually. They all include vibrant photographic images that will give the children a realistic view of the world.

  • geography folder
  • animals (3-part cards)
  • culture (3-part cards)
  • food (3-part cards)
  • landmarks (3-part cards)
  • musical instruments (3-part cards)
  • maps
  • flags

Sample of our Montessori Geography Materials – Europe.

Geography Europe Continent Cards by Montessori Print Shop



Free Montessori Language Storage Labels

Free Montessori Language Storage Labels

We’ve finally completed new Montessori Language Storage Labels to assist you with organizing all of your Montessori language and grammar materials.
Montessori Pink Blue Green Series Storage

Visit our Free Montessori Materials page here to download them. The files contain a sample picture for storage and titles with clickable links to direct you to the correct materials in our online store . This will help you through the process of creating a complete language and grammar section without being so overwhelmed!

We’ve included 2 sets from you to choose from:

  • Pink Blue Green Language and Grammar
  • Step 1,2,3 Phonics and Grammar (not color-coded)

Both sets offer the same materials, either in a color-coded scheme or a neutral scheme (you can print it on your own colored paper if you choose, or glue it on to colored cardstock). Both sets are available for FREE on our Free Montessori Materials page. There are several other materials included in the series (i.e. sound cards, word lists, sentence cards, word and picture match), however they will not fit in the storage towers. As we suggested in a previous post, you can use a variety of baskets and trays to store the larger materials on shelves below the storage towers so that it’s all accessible and in one place for the children.

1. Print out all of the labels .
2. Refer back to the pdf file and click on the material to wish to make first.
3. Purchase the material, print it, laminate it and trim it.
4. Cut out the label you previously printed, adhere it to the storage drawer.
5. Load your labels into the drawer.

Work on one material at a time to keep yourself organized, and before you know it, you’ll have a complete language and grammar section for your children!

Beautiful Butterflies!

Butterflies are a wonderful way to start off summer.

There is something magical about watching butterflies flutter around the garden and stop to sip the nectar of the flowers. Children are continually amazed to watch and learn about the life cycle of the caterpillar as it becomes a beautiful butterfly.


We hope some of the following Montessori materials we offer in our online store at and other materials (crafts) listed below will assist you with your unit on Butterflies.

Butterflies: 3-part cards by Montessori Print Shop
The Butterfly: Read and Illustrate by Montessori Print Shop

Butterfly Craft Ideas
dltk-kids – Butterfly Crafts for Kids Family Crafts – Butterfly and Caterpillar Crafts
Building Simple Butterfly Feeders
Butterfly Crafts