Montessori Environment - General Principles

Quite often when parents first send their children to a Montessori School for a Casa (Primary) program, they aren't fully aware of the unique principles of the Montessori environment. They have certain expectations that are formed due to their own personal beliefs, previous experiences, and simply a lack of knowledge of the principles of Montessori and how they apply to the classroom environment.

Not all Montessori schools will follow the principles outlined in this article, however you'll find that most accredited Montessori schools will adhere to most of them (with perhaps the exception of the student/teacher ratio - that is dictated by their local Child/Youth Regulations and license).

We have found it beneficial to outline and discuss these general principles to parents during Parent Education nights. It helps to alleviate anxieties and potential misunderstandings that typically occur during the first few weeks when a child is transitioning into the school. Again, each Montessori school has unique circumstances and it's up to the school to educate their parents on their principles and expectations.


1:30 ratio
(10 first years, 10 second years, 10 third years to 1 trained Directress and an assistant). Mixed ages of the children is crucial; they learn from each other, care for each other, and help to
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  • 10/20/2010 4:40 PM Nancy Curran wrote:
    I love the materials from Print Shop brought a whole file to the printers just last night, Ilove the quality of the color photos and would love to win a prize for my classroom
  • 2/13/2011 6:45 AM Shane wrote:
    As you said, the above guidelines are just as relevent for homeschooling which is what I use them for.

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