Goodbye 2010 ….. Hello 2011!

Goodbye 2010

One of the things I enjoy about winter in Canada is the dark cold nights. I enjoy sitting by the fire, lighting the kerosene lamps and some candles, and relaxing. It allows my mind to wander through the events of the day, to replay the time spent with family and friends, and to daydream about what the next few days, weeks, and months hold. Here is a small taste of our month of December 2010.

lanterns Fire

We spent time each night all through Advent for prayers; learning to relate passages and readings to our daily life and become more aware of our daily blessings.
We put our tree up early in December and enjoyed a family night of decorating and then played board games for hours (Monopoly is definitely our favorite!). 

We enjoyed an incredible meal of seafood on Christmas day – thanks to my husband. He’s fantastic in the kitchen (when he gets the time) and this year he did most of the holiday cooking. Yes, I’m truly
blessed! Unfortunately the battery in my camera was too low and I wasn’t able to take a picture of the seafood cooked. But here’s a portion of what we ate on Christmas day before we cooked it. 

We decided to give to others more this year than we ever have – both personally and professionally. Our children picked out and paid for gifts from World Vision to give to needy communities throughout the world. We sent our sponsored child and her family in Ecuador some Christmas goodies, extra love, and prayers. We participated in food drives, Christmas hampers, donated money to a Home for Teen Moms in Haiti (see this post, and as of today $8,625 has been donated!). And we hosted the “12 Days of Giveaways” here on our blog.

Giving feels wonderful. Giving time, money, possessions, giving your heart. My children have learned that the process can be difficult at times, even a little painful (physically, mentally, and financially). But in the end, it just feels wonderful.

Hello 2011!

We’re so excited about this new year coming. We’ll be celebrating 7 years of business! We have lots of new Montessori materials on the way, a huge New Year Giveaway planned, lower prices, smaller CD Rom Collections, new Freebies, coupons and all kinds of fun!  You’ll have to be patient for the first batch of new materials and the Jan Sale items … they won’t be listed until Jan 4th.

A great big huge Thank You to every one of you who have helped to promote Montessori Print Shop this past year. Your support has helped us to reach so many new families who are trying to use Montessori materials to educate their children. Your blogs are truly inspiring and the kindness you’ve extended to us is at times overwhelming.

From myself and my family – We wish you all the greatest peace and health for 2011.




Our Montessori Blog Readers are Terrific!

Our 12 Days of Giveaways are almost over – the last winner will be chosen tomorrow (Tues Dec 21, 2010). Congratulations to all who have won!! We’re still waiting to hear back from a few of the winners to confirm either their email address or shipping address. The winners are posted on the giveaways for each of the 12 days … we’re still waiting to hear back from:

  • Day 8   Winner – Andy

It’s been fun (and time consuming) to read through all of your comments. Some comments made me laugh (some of you have a great sense of humor), others gave me some great ideas on how to improve our site, our products, and our presentation. All of your positive comments are greatly appreciated and we really do wish we could have given all of you more.
I wanted to respond to so many comments – but I didn’t want to disrupt the ability to find/select the winner according to to So, please excuse my rudeness at not responding to some questions, comments, and very good suggestions given in the comment sections of so many posts. Trust me …. I’ve made some very lengthy notes.

We welcome the winners of the 12 Days of Giveaways to leave feedback on this post about their prizes. And for those of you who didn’t win anything – keep in touch with us through our Blog as we’ll have more Giveaways in 2011.

Please give a hand and help us spread Montessori around the world. Children everywhere can benefit from Montessori methods and materials. As we (Montessori Print Shop) make more connections we can provide materials more effectively and for less! Our company goal is to continue to reduce our prices. This will happen faster if you help spread the news about Montessori Print Shop to everyone you know through schools, co-op’s, homeschool groups, your blogs, websites, Twitter, Facebook, email groups, etc. Those of you who have followed us for many years can attest to the fact that our prices have continued to drop each year.

We hope to have some very helpful Montessori-based content coming up for 2011. I know you all work so hard to bring exceptional educational materials to your children/students and we want to join you in this journey. Stay tuned for more!

Giveaway Day 12 – Montessori Geography CD Rom

Day_12Giveaway Day #12
This Giveaway is CLOSED
The Winner is: 12/19/2010 12:39pm – Tim

(we will contact the winner by email)
Item: Montessori Geography CD RomThis CD Rom is packed full of geography materials for all 7 continents. No doubt, this will enhance any classroom or home environment.We start with the global view ….

Map of the World

(blank, blank with labels, color, colored with labels)
Printable Montessori World Maps by Montessori Print Shop
We break the global view down in to 7 Continents.

Continents: 3 Part Cards

Continent Cards by Montessori Print Shop
Each of the 7 Continents has a Geography Folder that gives the children 20 beautiful photographic images of the people, life and culture. The food, musical instruments, landmarks and animals of each continent are presented using 3-Part Cards (12 to 23 sets of 3-part cards for each subdivision of each continent: i.e. 23 foods, 23 musical instruments, 23 landmarks, 23 animals for each continent). All cards are available with the traditional Montessori color-coding border, and without a color-coded border. This allows for anyone to make use of these materials regardless of whether they use the traditional Montessori map materials.

North AmericaNorth America Geography Bundle by Montessori Print Shop South AmericaSouth America Continent Pictures
EuropeGeography Europe Continent Cards by Montessori Print Shop

Asia printable Asia Continent Cards by Montessori Print Shop
AfricaAfrica Continent PicturesAustralia – Oceania (also known as Australasia )Australia-Oceania Geography Pictures

Antarctic Folder
Antarctica Geography Folder Antarctic AnimalsAntarctic Animal Cards
Maps of North America and South America allow the children to practice their knowledge of the countries, and can also be used for additional work on oceans, lakes, rivers, mountains, etc. These maps are as versatile as a child’s imagination.

Maps of North America
Blank, Color, Blank with Labels, Color with Labels
Pin Maps of North America by Montessori Print Shop
Maps of South America 
Blank, Color, Blank with Labels, Color with Labels
Printable Maps of South America
Animal Information Cards for each Continent
11 animals for each continent

Animal Information Cards by Montessori Print ShopPrintable Animal Information Cards


Animals of the ContinentsAnimals of the Continents

Homes Around the WorldHomes Around the World

Also includes….

Land and Water Form Cards
Aquatic and Land Features (4 photo sets) and Natural Disasters. Each set of Montessori cards come in 3-part cards and booklet format.

Land and Water Form CardsThere are so many geography cards on this CD Rom that we’re unable to show you samples of everything! Please visit our Montessori Geography section of our store and see all the beautiful photographic Montessori cards available.

Details of this Giveaway:
Starts: Sun Dec 19, 2010
Ends: Tues Dec 21, 2010
Prize: 1 Geography CD Rom
Winner: 1 winner will be selected using
Ships: via First Class Mail to anyone worldwide (sorry, we’re unable to guarantee delivery time)

To Enter: (2 entries per person are possible)
#1. Leave a comment on this post.
#2. Post this Giveaway on your blog (with a link). Come back to this post and leave a comment and link to your blog.


Giveaway Day 11 – All About Animals

Day_11Giveaway Day #11This Giveaway is CLOSED.
The Winner is: 12/18/2010 10:27am – Charlotte Copeland

Items: 11 Montessori Materials about Animals – in pdf file format

Animal Activity – Nocturnal or Diurnal
Sort animals according to their activity and sleeping habits.Animal Activity: Nocturnal or Diurnal by Montessori Print Shop
Animal Coverings
Scales, feathers, or fur? Sort animals according to their coverings.Animal Coverings: Scales, Fur, Feathers
Animal Skin Matching
Try to guess the animal by looking at a patch of it’s skin, then match it up with the animal picture card.Animal Skins Matching Cards
Animal Tracks
Match the animals to their foot tracks – includes 3-Part Cards.Animal Tracks
Animals – How many legs?
Sort out animal cards with 0-10 legs. The control chart will assist very young children who have difficulty counting.Animals: How Many Legs by Montessori Print Shop
Animals and Their Groups
Cards that list the terms for groups of wild and domestic animals.
This material covers 65 animals!Animals and Their Groups
Animals and Their Homes
Photographic cards of 20 animals and their homes.printable Animals and Their Homes Cards by Montessori Print Shop
Animals and Their Names
Match up pictures and names (male, female & baby) for 23 animals.Animals and Their Names
Animals in Winter
Learn which animals hibernate, migrate, and adapt.Animals in Winter: Charts and Cards by Montessori Print Shop


Herbivore, Carnivore, Omnivore
Children will enjoy sorting these beautiful photographic images by each animal’s main diet.Herbivores Carnivores and OmnivorsVertebrates and Invertebrates
Beautiful photographic images that can be sorted in to two categories. Includes a set of black-line clip art for the children to color and make their own chart with.Vertebrates and Invertebrates: Sorting Cards

Details of the Giveaway
Starts: Sat Dec 18, 2010
Ends: Mon Dec 20, 2010
Prize: 1 of each file shown above
Winner: 1 winner will be selected using
Ships: via email to anyone worldwide

To Enter (1 entry per person)
1. Leave a comment on this post.



Giveaway Day 10 – Moveable Alphabet Materials

Day_10Giveaway Day #10
This Giveaway is CLOSED
The Winner is: 12/19/2010 3:50am – Patty
(we will contact the winner by email)

Items: Moveable Alphabet and Materials – pdf digital files

Moveable Alphabet with Lesson InstructionsMontessori Moveable AlphabetAdditional Alphabet Letters – 5 ColorsMoveable Alphabet LettersMoveable Alphabet Phonogram Letters
These additional alphabet letters are very helpful when the child is learning new phonograms. Use a new color to emphasize the phonogram. This is not possible with just 1 set of a traditional Moveable Alphabet as the consonants are 1 color and the vowels are another color. You require two full sets of letters in 2 different colors to present the phonogram work to a child using the Montessori technique.
Pink Series Photos for the Moveable Alphabet (3 letter phonetic words)Pink Series Movable Alphabet PicturesBlue Series Photos for the Moveable Alphabet (4+ letter phonetic words)Blue Series Photos for the Moveable AlphabetGreen Series Photos for the Moveable Alphabet  (words with phonograms, blends, digraphs)Green Series Phonogram Pictures for the Moveable Alphabet

Details of this Giveaway:
Start: Fri Dec 17
End: Sun Dec 19
Prize: 1 of each shown above
Winner: 1 winner will be selected using
Ships: via email to anyone worldwide in pdf digital files

To Enter: (1 entry per person)
1. Leave a comment on this post – What is your favorite non-electronic (batteries not required) toy for children ages 3-12? Toy and age please.



Giveaway Day 9 – Montessori Science Materials

Day_9Giveaway Day #9
This Giveaway is now CLOSED
The winner is: 12/16/2010 9:41am – Maria
(we will contact you by email)

Items: 9 Montessori Science Materials in pdf digital file format
Air, Land & Water Sorting
Sort cards according to where they belong: in the air, on land, or in/on water. Beautiful photographic cards and control chart are included.Air Land Water Sorting Cards
5 Senses
Picture cards that can be sorted according to the five senses. Real photographs and a control chart allow the child to teach themselves!

The Five Senses Cards and Chart
Food Groups
Help children learn the various food groups. They can sort the cards according to food groups, and also use them to group foods together for healthier meals. A control chart allows them to check their sorting.

Food Groups: Cards and Chart
Living and Non-Living
Children will learn the characteristics of living and non-living things, and be be able to sort picture cards according to those characteristics. Includes photographic images and a control chart so the children can check their sorting.

Living and Non-Living Charts and Cards
Magnetic & Non-Magnetic
After using real objects to teach about magnetic and non-magnetic, a child can sort these cards using the concepts they learned using the real-life concrete objects.

magnetic and non-magnetic cards

Natural Resources
Beautiful photographic cards that invite the children to learn about renewable and non-renewable natural resources.

Natural Resources: Cards and Charts

Recycling Matters

Recycling does matter. And every bit counts! Children can learn how to sort items in to the various categories of recycling using these photographic cards.

Recyling Matters - Printable Montessori cards
Sink & Float
After using real objects to learn about “sink or float”, a child can sort these cards using the concepts they learned while using the real life concrete objects.

Sink and Float Cards and Chart
States of Matter
What is ‘matter’? Help children to understand the 3 states of matter using these information cards and photographic images.

States of Matter: printable science cards

Details of the Giveaway
Starts: Thurs Dec 16, 2010
Ends: Sat Dec 18, 2010
Prize: 9 Montessori Science Materials – as shown above
Winner: 1 winner will be selected using
Ships: via email in pdf digital file format to anyone in the world

To Enter
(1 entry per person)
1. Please leave a comment here on your favorite science activity.

Giveaway Day 8 – Classified Cards CD Rom

Day_8Giveaway Day #8
This Giveaway is now CLOSED.
The winner is: 12/15/2010 8:53am  Andy
(we will contact the winner by email)

Item: Classified Cards on CD RomWe’ve written several posts on 3-Part Cards (including Classified Cards):

Now you have a chance to win 41 sets of 3-part Classified Cards for your classroom or homeschool: African Rainforest Animals, Air Transportation, Amazon Rainforest animals, Aquatic and wetland plants, Autumn, Birds, Buildings, Butterflies, Cats, Clothing, Colors, Cookware, Desert Animals, Dogs, Electrical Appliances, Farm Animals, Fish, Flowers (2 sets), Fruits, Ground Transportation, Hand Tools, Insects, Marine Invertebrates, Marine Life, Marine Transportation, Montessori Materials, Musical Instruments, Pets, School, Science Equipment, Sewing, Signs, Sports, Spring, Summer, Tableware, Vegetables, Wild Animals, Winter, Woodland Animals.

Classified Cards – Samples  Montessori Classified Cards

Details of this Giveaway
Start: Wed Dec 15, 2010
Ends: Fri Dec 17, 2010
Prize: 1 CD Rom that includes 41 sets of Classified Cards
Winner: 1 winner will be selected using
Ships: via First Class mail anywhere in the world (sorry we cannot guarantee delivery time).

To Enter (1 entry per person)
1. Leave a comment on this post and tell us if you’re teaching in a school, or home schooling your children.

Giveaway Day 7 – Peace Makers & Art Cards

Day_7Giveaway Day #7
This Giveaway is now CLOSED.
The Winner is: 12/15/2010 1:23pm  Gayathri
(Gayathri – please contact us!! The email address you supplied on your comment is not working.)
Items: Peace Makers & 24 sets of 3-Part Art Cards

Peace MakersPeace Makers: Montessori Peace Materials
Includes: 10 photo cards, 10 quote cards. Peace Makers in this set: Maria Montessori, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Dalai Lama, Jane Goodall, Albert Schweitzer
, and David Suzuki.  Art CardsIn 3-Part Card Format
A 3-Part Art Card consists of 1 labeled picture card, 1 picture card, and 1 label

Sample of 3-Part Art Cardprintable Montessori Art CardsWe’re giving away 24 Artists, each has 6 works of art in 3-part card format.

This Giveaway is now CLOSED

Details of this Giveaway
Starts: Tuesday Dec 14, 2010
Ends: Thursday Dec 16, 2010
Prize – 1 of each listed above
Winner – 1 winner will be selected using
Ships: via email in pdf digital file to anyone worldwide – you require Adobe Reader to open and view this file (it’s a free program you can download online at

To Enter (you have 2 chances to enter)
1. Leave a comment on this post about an Art or Culture lesson you’d like to see available at Montessori Print Shop.
2. Blog about this giveaway (include a link) – come back here and post a comment with a link to your blog post

Recap of Day #4 – Something for You, Something for Haiti

Our winner of Day #4 of our 12 Days of Giveaways has been selected (by, and Jen has been sent her files for Animal Habitats and Animals of each Continent . Hopefully they’ll be loved by the children she presents them to!

Now on to the second part of the Day #4 Giveaway. I asked you all to please to visit a favorite blog of mine – about The Story of One Family in Haiti. I asked that you read a particular post in that blog –  “You’re Invited” – and give them a few words of encouragement.  For every comment left on that post until the end of the giveaway, we (Montessori Print Shop) would donate $1 towards the Teen Mom House. We were expecting/hoping for a few hundred comments.

Well, the response from all of you wasn’t so good   I know that more of you read the post than actually left comments. Because I think maybe I kinda threw Haiti and these teen moms right at you, didn’t I? Did it catch your breath and leave you without words, as it’s done to me many, many nights? It was also the weekend and perhaps you weren’t all online, or quite prepared for something so in-your-face real. I know, Heather’s blog about Haiti is raw and real, and sometimes overwhelming.  Frankly, it’s brought me to tears on many, many nights.

So, I couldn’t leave the Teen Mom Home without funds to get them going … even if you all weren’t quite ready to talk about them. I know, sometimes these situations need to be mulled over. Trust me, it’s taken me a few months to get to know them through the blog and be moved to actually do something. It seems like we’re constantly bombarded by images of poverty, natural disasters, and desperate life stories – all over the world! And when it comes down to it, we do have to choose who to support. It’s a family decision.

A little here, a little there. A little time, a little donation. Some used clothing, used toys, a craft to a seniors homes, delivering food to the elderly, spending time at a seniors home, helping to sort food at a food bank – IT ALL COUNTS. Every minute you spend with good intentions to help others is crucial in this world. Your time, your care, your used clothing, used toys, time to prepare food for others in need, and just simply your presence, your prayer,  and personal touch are what is needed all around the world.

Today we (Montessori Print Shop) donated $200.00 to Heartline for the Home for Teen Moms. We did it on behalf of you (our readers, our customers), and on behalf of Heather and her family, and all of the selfless workers at Heartline. Okay, we did it for ourselves too.

There are so many opportunities to help: who knew cereal boxes could bring hope to someone? A few dollars could help new young mothers raise healthy wonderful children? That your prayers can give women who are desperate some hope. Please, in any way you can, help these women and children. Let them know they are worth it. Remember, every prayer, and every dollar counts.

Stay with us for the second half of our 12 Days of Giveaways. There is still lots of giving to come!

Giveaway Day 6 – Montessori Math Materials: Addition

Day_6Giveaway Day #6

This Giveaway is now CLOSED.
The winner is: 12/13/2010 12:37pm  Christine Herring
(we will contact the winner by email)
Items: Montessori Math Materials: Addition (in pdf digital file format)
Addition Strip Board, Charts and InstructionsMontessori Addition Strip Board by Montessori Print Shop

Addition Equation SlipsMontessori Addition Equation SlipsMath Booklets – Random OrderMontessori Math Booklets: Random OrderMath Booklets – Sequential OrderMontessori Math Booklets Radom Order Addition Command Cardsprintable Montessori Addition Command Cards

Addition Word Problems – Level 1Addition Word Problems

This Giveaway is now CLOSED

Details of this Giveaway

Starts: Monday Dec 13th, 2010
Ends: Wednesday Dec 15th, 2010
Prize: 1 of each item listed above
Winner: 1 winner to be selected using
Ships: via email in pdf digital file format to anyone worldwide

To Enter (you have 2 chances to enter)
#1 – leave a comment on this post
#2 – write about this Giveaway on your blog; come back here and share the link with us in a comment