Video - How To Present Montessori 3-Part Cards

The word 'nomenclature' really just means the 'names' or 'terms' used to describe the parts of an object. In Montessori, we present the names or terms of objects to the children using 3-Part Cards. We've explained how to use Montessori Nomenclature here. And you can download our FREE Frog Nomenclature here. It's important to prepare your nomenclature cards properly so that they last - so read our tutorial.

Montessori Nomenclature: Frog 3-Part Cards

It's important to prepare your nomenclature cards properly so that they last - so read our tutorial on preparing 3-part cards. A nice extension lesson for the nomenclature cards is to make a booklet.

Typically we use a 3-Period Lesson as outlined here, however there are lots of variations that can be used depending on the age and previous experience of the child.

To further expand the lesson beyond just the 'parts' of the frog, you can also introduce your child to the Frog Nomenclature Book. Our nomenclature books offer the same vocabulary as the 3-part cards, however the terms are expanded on and offer simple information regarding each part.
Learn how to bind your Nomenclature books here.

Montessori Nomenclature: Frog Book

My Works Montessori has just released a new free short video showing another way to present 3-Part Cards using our free Frog Nomenclature. The cards used in the video can be found on our Free Montessori Materials page on our website here.

Enjoy the video!

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  • 12/6/2010 10:00 PM Anne Winneski wrote:
    Thank you for the visual presentation. Your written posts are lovely but I really appreciate being able to hear the lesson being given by a real Montessori teacher. It gives me the verbal cues and language I need to present these materials to my son. It makes more sense to me when I see it. I guess I'm weird that way!

    1. 12/6/2010 10:19 PM Montessori Print Shop wrote:
      Hi Anne,

      You're not weird at all! Many of us are visual learners - that's the beauty of Montessori! Montessori is fantastic for all learners - children or adults! We're so pleased to have such a great relationship with My Works Montessori. My Works Montessori is a small, fantastic group of women (3 of them) who are making wonderful video for parents and teachers who are trying to learn how to present Montessori lessons. There truly is nothing better than actually 'seeing' the presentation via video. It helps to learn the language of the materials, what to do with your hands, how to lay out the materials, and what to expect during the presentation.

      Trust me - you are not alone! There are so many parents, and so many teachers not trained in Montessori who really want to bring Montessori to their students - but simply don't know where to start. Stay tuned - we're here to help!
  • 12/7/2010 9:31 AM Kelli wrote:
    I love your work and really appriciate your blog, but I have a question about part of the cards not discussed in this article. Why do the description cards have the word in them? When I printed out some of your free samples to use with my 8 year old she complained about this. Actually told me I made a mistake and gave her the answer. I hated not being able to tell her why it was there as I assured her I did not make a mistake they were suppose to be that way.
    1. 12/7/2010 10:37 AM Montessori Print Shop wrote:
      Hello Kelli,

      Good question! Due to your child's age, she requires a different method of presentation from what is shown in the video. The 3-Part cards shown in the video can be used by children beginning around age 2 - depending on the child. At each age and developmental stage the cards can be used in different ways. The video offers a variation of a presentation - there are many ways to introduce 3-part cards. Usually 3-part cards are presented using a 3-Period lesson. To read a detailed step-by-step presentation on this please read this post.

      For a very young child (age 2-4) you would usually first use the card without the label as you are simply giving the child the vocabulary required for each picture. The written words are not the focus of presentation for this age group.

      For a child who is beginning to read (age 4-5), you could use the labeled cards as it will introduce the child to the written word and connect the word with the picture.

      For an older child (such as your 8 year old) I would introduce the cards without the labels first - giving them the vocabulary. Obviously, because of the child's age, they will know some of the vocabulary already. You could have them name everything they know first and then offer them the vocabulary for the cards they don't know. Then allow the child to read the labels, have them match them with the correct picture cards, and show them how to check their work using the labeled cards. The labeled cards act as a control of error. You don't have to tell your child that they've made a mistake - they can determine this on their own by using the control cards (labeled cards). This will empower the child and help them to realize that they do have control over their own learning.

      Three part cards are fantastic because they can be used across such a large age group. It really is a matter of altering the presentation to account for the child's age or prior knowledge of the subject. There are a variety of ways to present 3-part cards and really, as long as the child is satisfied with the method of presentation then you're doing okay. If your child wants to be challenged, then present future lessons in another way.

      Best of luck!
      1. 12/7/2010 5:24 PM Kelli wrote:
        Thank you so much for such a detailed answer. We have been using the 3-part cards since she started in Montessori at two, but as she transitioned towards the elementry stages I did not have the benefit of having seen her teachers instruct as I did with the earlier activities.
        1. 12/7/2010 9:52 PM Montessori Print Shop wrote:
          It can be difficult for parents who are trying to bridge the gap between concepts/lessons that are given at school and how a parent can continue the learning at home. We really do wish the gap was easier for parents - as there should not be any mystery involved in education - but take heart ... you're not alone! 

          It does seem like your daughter is on top of it though - follow her lead and hopefully this mystery will unravel beautifully before you. Have faith that her desire and her previous Montessori education - hopefully it will guide her towards great things.

          Kudos to you for being on top of it all! Give her the opportunity to share her knowledge with you ... it will amaze you at what she's internalized!

  • 12/9/2010 5:19 PM Lori wrote:
    My son really enjoyed this work. I posted pictures of him using the Frog 3 Part Nomenclature cards here:

    Thanks for the great lesson! I love coming to your blog for inspiration. You make me a better teacher.
    1. 12/9/2010 5:28 PM Montessori Print Shop wrote:
      Hi Lori,

      Thanks for sending us a link to your post. How adorable!! I love it.
  • 12/17/2010 8:53 AM pushpa wrote:
    children just love the way it helps them

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