Goodbye 2010 ….. Hello 2011!

Goodbye 2010

One of the things I enjoy about winter in Canada is the dark cold nights. I enjoy sitting by the fire, lighting the kerosene lamps and some candles, and relaxing. It allows my mind to wander through the events of the day, to replay the time spent with family and friends, and to daydream about what the next few days, weeks, and months hold. Here is a small taste of our month of December 2010.

lanterns Fire

We spent time each night all through Advent for prayers; learning to relate passages and readings to our daily life and become more aware of our daily blessings.
We put our tree up early in December and enjoyed a family night of decorating and then played board games for hours (Monopoly is definitely our favorite!). 

We enjoyed an incredible meal of seafood on Christmas day – thanks to my husband. He’s fantastic in the kitchen (when he gets the time) and this year he did most of the holiday cooking. Yes, I’m truly
blessed! Unfortunately the battery in my camera was too low and I wasn’t able to take a picture of the seafood cooked. But here’s a portion of what we ate on Christmas day before we cooked it. 

We decided to give to others more this year than we ever have – both personally and professionally. Our children picked out and paid for gifts from World Vision to give to needy communities throughout the world. We sent our sponsored child and her family in Ecuador some Christmas goodies, extra love, and prayers. We participated in food drives, Christmas hampers, donated money to a Home for Teen Moms in Haiti (see this post, and as of today $8,625 has been donated!). And we hosted the “12 Days of Giveaways” here on our blog.

Giving feels wonderful. Giving time, money, possessions, giving your heart. My children have learned that the process can be difficult at times, even a little painful (physically, mentally, and financially). But in the end, it just feels wonderful.

Hello 2011!

We’re so excited about this new year coming. We’ll be celebrating 7 years of business! We have lots of new Montessori materials on the way, a huge New Year Giveaway planned, lower prices, smaller CD Rom Collections, new Freebies, coupons and all kinds of fun!  You’ll have to be patient for the first batch of new materials and the Jan Sale items … they won’t be listed until Jan 4th.

A great big huge Thank You to every one of you who have helped to promote Montessori Print Shop this past year. Your support has helped us to reach so many new families who are trying to use Montessori materials to educate their children. Your blogs are truly inspiring and the kindness you’ve extended to us is at times overwhelming.

From myself and my family – We wish you all the greatest peace and health for 2011.




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