Happy Birthday to Montessori Print Shop – We’re celebrating 7yrs!

It’s hard to remember the exact day the designing began. It started off as a New Year’s resolution – to make some much needed Montessori materials for our children. I do remember it happened after a special birthday in the family and I also remember it took a few days to get things rolling … so I think it’s safe to say that Montessori Print Shop is now officially 7 full years old! Can you believe it?
7 years
4 Teacher Training Manuals
8 CD Rom Collections
939 Montessori Materials

A huge thank you to everyone for all the support over the years. We wouldn’t be here if you weren’t here supporting us. You are all fantastic!

Fantastic people should get some fantastic FREEBIES to help us celebrate. Kind of like passing the cake and ice cream out. They will only last for 24 hours – which is a whole lot longer than cake and ice cream.  Enjoy!


Update: 01-29-2011

Ohh – so sorry, but you took to long to visit us and you’ve missed the 3 Birthday Freebies. Stay in touch with us via our Blog or Facebook or Twitter and you won’t miss a thing!


7 New Montessori CD Roms on Sale!

Many people who have been using Montessori at home, or teaching Montessori in a school setting do not have the budget (or sometimes a need) for our Deluxe 2 Disc CD Rom Collection . While the Deluxe CD Rom Collection is incredible with 938 Montessori materials – many of you already have some Montessori materials and do not require the entire collection.

We’ve added some smaller CD Roms to our store, with each CD Rom focusing on a specific area of the Montessori curriculum. This will make it easier and more affordable for everyone to add materials to the areas that require them the most. Each CD Rom listing has a complete list of the materials included and some new pictures of the materials as well.

New CD Roms now available at Montessori Print Shop:

  • Famous Artists CD Rom
  • Geography CD Rom
  • Nomenclature CD Rom
  • Language CD Rom

We’re offering the smaller CD Roms at 35% Off and to you (our fantastic blog readers) we’re offering an additional 10% Off until Jan 31st, 2011. Your coupon code is: BlogCD74862J



Winners of our New Year Giveaway ….

We’ve had a fantastic response to our New Year’s GiveawayThe two winners of the Montessori Deluxe CD Rom Collections are:

1. Claudia  01/10/2011  @ 10.48pm
2. Sarah G.  01/08/2011 @ 11:40am
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1. Ria Sims  01/07/2011 @12:01pm

We will contact the winners via email.

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Canadian Symbols Geography Cards

Geography cards are a wonderful addition to a geography area. They can help give children a more rounded view of each country, the culture, and various symbols associated with them. The most common format for these geography cards is a 3-part card format. This format allows the children to get the most use of the materials  over several years as they progress from a non-reader to a reader. The labeled cards or the controls cards allow the child the ability to check their own work and give them the power to teach themselves.

We have a large variety of printable geography materials available in our store. Most of them are available in 2 formats: with color coded borders (to match the traditional Montessori Map colors), and we also sell them no color border.  We offer 2 formats so that you are able to choose the format that suits your needs and current maps. We understand that many Montessori suppliers offer maps in various color-coding and that it can be a challenge to find color-coded card materials to match your maps. We know you’ll be able to use and enjoy our Canadian Symbols Geography Cards with ease.

Montessori Materials on Sale Jan 2011

We’re a little behind in getting our January Sales listed as we were so excited to get our New Year Giveaway started!  If you’ve not submitted your entry be sure to do so before the winners are chosen on Monday January 17 2011.

For the past few months we have focused the sales of each month on a particular area of the Montessori environment. This month we decided to mix things up a bit and offer a variety of materials. All Sale items are being offered at 25% Off and are available until Jan 31 2011.A Sample of January Sale items :

Air Land & Water Cards- Toddlers Air Land and Water Sorting Cards for Toddlers
Animals Homes printable Animals and Their Homes Cards by Montessori Print Shop
Plants We Eat Plants We Eat: Cards and Charts by Montessori Print Shop
Blends and DigraphsStep 3 set 1Blends and Digraphs - Language Cards by Montessori Print Shop
Food Groups Food Groups: Cards and Chart
Geometric Solids 3-Part CardsGeoSolids3-Part
And a lot more Montessori materials are listed – check out the Sales!

2 Deluxe CD Rom’s – New Year Giveaway

This Giveaway is now CLOSED
Winners are listed here

Now that Christmas is officially over and the New Year is well under way, we’re kicking off the New Year with a Giveaway. This Giveaway will be for:
2 Deluxe CD Rom Collections

Yes, two lucky winners will receive our entire collection of Montessori materials! The CD Roms will include all of the new product releases (Geography Flags, Art Cards, Tree Identification).

It includes:
  • all PDF Files listed in our store
      • over 860 Montessori materials 
  • 4 Primary Teaching
    in PDF File format

      • Practical
      • Sensorial
      • Language
      • Math
  • Instructions on how to prepare and use:
      • Toddler Cards and Books
      • 3-Part Cards
      • Nomenclature
        Books and Cards
      • Match-Up and Memory
  • FREE
    Xpresspost shipping

      • approx. 1-4 business days for
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      • approx. 2-5 business days for delivery within
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      • approx. 4-7 business days for International delivery


Details for entering the Giveaway
This Giveaway is now CLOSED
Winners are listed here
  • You can live anywhere in the world – we’re shipping world-wide.
  • You have 4 opportunities to enter.
  1. One entry will be given
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  2. A Second entry will be given to each
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Two winners will be chosen at random (using random.org) and the winners will be posted
on our blog (first name, last initial only) on Jan 17, 2010. Winners will be contacted directly by email for their shipping address (all personal information is kept confidential).

Some samples of the Montessori Materials included on these Deluxe CD Rom – 2 Disc Editions.  To view photos of all 860+ Montessori Materials on this CD Rom visit our Store .




Science & Culture



Best of Luck to everyone!


Montessori Nature Table and Tree Identification

Montessori Nature Table and Tree Identification

Depending on where in the world you live, your children will have varying degrees of interaction with nature. In some areas of the world children have the space, freedom, and safety to enjoy the outdoors, while in other parts of the world nature must be brought to the children. Nature can be brought to the children in the form of a nature table or tray. Of course, the nature table should not be the only form of nature in the environment. There should be live plants, fresh flowers, pets (if appropriate), and nature based activities (pressing and drying flowers, etc). The children should be shown how to care for all the living things in the environment and eventually, when they are capable, be responsible for them.


What can be on the nature table – any part of nature! Your nature table can be based on the current season/weather, or you can bring another season to the children to surprise them. When children are out playing, or on a nature walk, they will often pick up treasures along the way. Invite the children to bring their nature treasures to the nature table to share with everyone. A ‘must have’ item for any nature table is a magnifying glass. Children want to see the details!

A few examples of items for your nature table:
  • shells
  • tree nuts (if no allergies)
  • leaves
  • bark
  • seeds
  • pine cones
  • abandoned bird nest
  • rocks/pebbles
  • bark
  • moss
  • flowers
  • small gourds
  • herbs
  • spices
  • insects (no longer living, in see-through containers)

As part of the Cultural area, you can add photographic cards of different types of animals, birds, insects, flowers and trees. We carry an assortment of nature images in Classified 3-part cards that will help children learn to identify various birds, butterflies, flowers, etc.Our newest nature material available is Tree Identification Cards that can be found in our Science – Plants section. The children will enjoy learning to identify various trees by these photographic cards: tree, bark, leaf, fruit/seed/nut. Control Charts are included.

Now Available!

Tree Identification Cards – Set 1Tree Identification Set 1 by Montessori Print Shop

Tree Identification – Set 2Tree Indentification Set 2 by Montessori Print Shop

Tree Identification – Set 3Tree Identification Set 3 by Montessori Print Shop


Montessori Peace Table and Art Cards

Montessori Peace Table

Conflict resolution is an important topic not only in a  Montessori environment, but also in the home. In order for any environment to normalize there must be peace and harmony among the children and adults.  We teach children how to speak, walk, dress themselves, count, read, write …. doesn’t it make sense that we would also teach them how to resolve conflicts with others? Most classroom (and some homes) have countless math, language, geography, and sensorial lessons, but usually lack in materials that teach and encourage peace and conflict resolution.

We are starting to expand our selection on peace materials as we understand how important it is to offer them to children. We must show children through our own actions and through the use of beautiful images, care for all humans and our planet. Please be patient as we put new materials together, and as always, feel free to make suggestions.

To accompany our set of Peace Makers we have just listed a set of Peace Table Cards that can help to engage young children in learning about peace, how to resolve conflict peacefully, and empower them to make a change.

One little step at time will make big changes over a lifetime.

Peace Table Cards
Peace Table Cards - Montessori Peace Materials
We came across an online article at jola-montessori.com called Designing a Peaceful Classroom.  It offers some very easy ideas that can be implemented at home or in the classroom to help create a greater understanding of peace.

Books are an excellent addition to a Peace Table or Peace Corner. Here are a few books that we’ve loved, but unfortunately we don’t carry in our online store. We’ve added the links to Amazon so that you can read the editorial reviews (we don’t receive any money for linking to Amazon or any purchases you make through them).
Our Peaceful Classroom
     Our Big Home
Our Big Home

Peace One DayPeace One DayAll the Colors of the EarthAll the Colors of the Earth
Art Cards are another wonderful way to add calm, appreciation of beauty, and peace in to your environment. Even if you yourself don’t know much about any of the artists the cards are a great start to learning about them.
We have a fairly extensive collection of 3-part Art Cards and Booklets that children love to look at and learn the names of the artists and the titles of their work. We’ve just added 6 new artists to the collection, and we’re beginning to offer all the art cards without any color borders as well. So you can now color-code the artists according to your own system (year, art style, etc).

Now Available in our Visual Arts section:

3-Part Art CardsCassatt Art Cards

Art BooksCassatt Art Book

Save money and purchase Art BundlesBundle of 3-Part Art Cards by Montessori Print Shop
Introduce your children to a variety of art mediums; drawing, painting, and sculpting. These cards can be made in to 3-part cards allowing the child to match the mediums with the final products along with the labels. Each set offers 8 mediums and 8 finished products that will inspire your children to try something new!

Art Mediums – DrawingArt Mediums for DrawingArt Mediums – PaintingArt Mediums for PaintingArt Mediums – SculptingArt Mediums for SculptingGive Peace a Chance!