Who doesn’t love watermelon?

Who doesn’t love watermelon?

With a hot summer just around the corner it’s time for you to start preparing a lesson on watermelon. On a hot day it’s cold, sweet, juicy, and refreshing! Who doesn’t love watermelon? It’s a wonderful way to help ease the summer heat, engage children in learning about botany, and perhaps try your hand at growing them. What’s nice about watermelon is that it’s perfect for younger children to learn about as there aren’t too many parts to remember. Not only that, you can make it a very ‘hands on‘, sensorial experience if you have a real watermelon for them to touch, smell, and taste.  Watermelon Nomenclature Cards
Watermelon Nomenclature Cards by Montessori Print Shop

Do your children know the difference between Natural and Artificial?

There are so many things in our everyday lives that are artificial: chemically infused, altered, processed, intervened by humans. Our food, clothing, transportation, household goods – it’s really astonishing when you start to think of just how many artificial things are in our lives on a daily basis. How many children really understand the difference between Natural and Artificial? They’ll never know what they’ve never examined or investigated!

Remember the stories from your parents when you were little? … “When I was your age we had to walk 8 miles to school, each way!” “Our entertainment was the local swimming hole and the big grassy hill out back.”  “Every meal was made from scratch!”

Most families simply led a more active, less processed lifestyle than they do today.

This new photographic lesson will start the conversation and help children begin to understand and learn to classify what is Natural and what is Artificial.

Natural or Artificial?Natural or Artificial Sorting Cards by Montessori Print Shop

This printable file includes the following:

  • title cards
  • 2 basic information cards
  • 12 cards with natural objects
  • 12 cards with artificial objects
  • 1 Control Chart


A fun Easter Freebie for your child!

A fun free Easter printable for your child!

With Easter just around the corner there are many of you who are making Easter crafts and preparing special Easter baskets for your children. We’ve got a cute little freebie (that isn’t chocolate or candy), that will delight your child!

Prepare it ahead of time and add it to their Easter basket. It will offer them something sugar-free and quiet to focus on if they become overwhelmed with additional guests visiting over Easter. You can download it directly below – click the link below. This item is only available as a freebie here on our blog for 48 hours – don’t miss out! (Update 04-22-2011: I’m sorry you’ve missed the Freebie. Be sure to sign up for our blog to receive the next one.)

Two classic games in one! A match-up game and a memory game. Surely you all remember the memory game from your own childhood…. 1) place all the cards face down 2) flip two cards over to see if they match  3) if they don’t match you have to flip them face down again and try to remember where you saw them for your next turn.

Easter Match-Up and Memory Game
Easter Match-Up and Memory Game by Montessori Print Shop
Wishing you all a very special Holy Week with a lovely Easter celebration on Sunday.

Lots of NEW things on our site!

It’s been quite a week! We’ve wrapped up 2 Giveaways recently;  Living Montessori Now was celebrating their First Blogiversary (congratulations to Deb Chitwood for a fantastic first year!) and Counting Coconuts was … well … having fun! (Mari-Ann is the Go To Girl for creative ideas and inspiration, seriously – visit her blog). It was wonderful to read all the nice comments about our materials – thank you to everyone who entered! Two lucky winners (one from each Giveaway) won our Deluxe CD Rom Collection! Hopefully we’ll hear from them through their blogs on how they’re enjoying the Montessori materials.
We’ve spent a lot of time this week making our site easier to navigate and more functional. Thanks to everyone for your patience while we made numerous changes and moved things around. Thankfully we only had a wee glitch for a day or so – sorry to those of you who were unable to locate your account! I’ll quickly go through some of the changes – but I highly recommend that you go take a look around.
We’ve added some photo tutorials in our new “How to …” section to help prepare and store your Montessori materials.

From making Nomenclature pouches …..How to Make a Montessori Nomenclature Pouchto Bead Chain Charts …. which includes a new FREE Bead Chain Chart file.Montessori Math Bead Chain Chartto using Montessori at HomeMontessori at Home

to a DIY Moveable AlphabetPrinted Moveable AlphabetWe’ve added the Scope and Sequence for the following areas:



April Showers bring … April Sales!

It’s an overcast, potentially rainy day here in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), but that’s what makes it so much more fun to post the April Sales. The April Sales focus on Easter, Earth Day and Spring – with a little math thrown in. And after this long winter who doesn’t want to think about Spring? All Montessori materials on Sale for April are at 20% Off. Since they’re already affordable, the sale makes them almost impossible to pass up!  Don’t think you’ll use the Sale items this year? … buy them now and save them for next year. You’ll save money, and you’ll have plenty of time to prepare them and get organized for next year.

Earth Day Cards and Booklet
Earth Day Cards and Booklet
Flower Nomenclature Cards