Montessori Print Shop Blog: Monthly Archives for June 2011

Washing Clothes - Montessori Style!


Dog Nomenclature Cards and Book

Story Telling - Guest Post

Oviparous or Viviparous Animals?

A Week of Surprises - Day 7 Freebie

A Week of Surprises - Day 6 Freebie!

4 Montessori Teaching Manuals - Giveaway

Montessori Moveable Alphabet Giveaway!

Animals, Animals, Animals! A Montessori Material Giveaway.

Wooden Map of USA - Giveaway

Win our Montessori Math CD Rom

Celebration of Life in the Montessori classroom

Practical Life is the foundation of Montessori

A look back at observation in Montessori Education

Intrinsic Motivation and Montessori

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