Baking With Children – Toaster Oven Muffins

Baking With Children – Toaster Oven Muffins

Baking is a wonderful activity for children, even at school. There are so many opportunities for learning practical life skills, math, and social graces when baking! When you first start baking with children it is best to find recipes that aren’t too complicated so that the children can participate in all of the steps.
Like all activities in a Montessori environment, you should always run through the process step by step to make sure you have it worked out – before you introduce it to the children.
If you’re baking in a school setting always check for food allergies for all the students. As well, make sure the parents have given their consent for their children to eat the food they will be preparing.

Baking in a toaster oven means you don’t need a regular oven in your classroom! Most toaster ovens will accommodate 6 regular size muffins, or 12 mini ones. Regardless of the size of oven (regular or toaster) adult supervision is required. Be
sure to talk to the children about what you are doing with the oven and how to be safe
doing it.

Here are a few things that will help to make the process more enjoyable for the children when they’re baking (using a regular oven, or toaster oven):
1. Use smaller bowls, utensils, and bake ware. Montessori Services has a good variety.

2. Cut the recipe in half. If using a standard recipe divide it in half so the children can manage
to mix it themselves. Try this fantastic Zuchinni, Banana and Flaxseed Muffins. Or use a basic small batch recipe
: Easy Toaster Oven Muffins


3. Set the directions out using words and pictures for children who are not yet reading fluently.

4. Have everything on hand and accessible to the children.
5. Make sure you have an adequate space for clean-up: water, sink or wash basin, soap, drying rack, tea towels etc.

Bon Appetit!



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