Montessori Print Shop Blog: Monthly Archives for January 2012

Thank you for 8 fantastic years!

The Montessori Print Shop 8th Birthday Bash is still on!

Gifts For You: Pink Blue Green Language Series & Deluxe CD Rom Collection

Gifts For You: Montessori At Home! eBook and Materials AND Maps & Land and Water Forms Bundle

Gifts for you: 33 Geometry Lessons and 10 Animal Lessons

The Birthday Bash has begun!

Gifts For You: Montessori Teaching Manuals & Zoology Nomenclature Cards

Learn How You Can Have Montessori At Home

Montessori Print Shop's 8th Birthday Bash!

Free: Seed and Plant Matching Cards

Win the Montessori At Home eBook & Materials Bundle!

Why are there so many color combinations for the printed Moveable Alphabet?

Pin Maps and Pin Map Flags For Your Geography Area

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