Learn How You Can Have Montessori At Home

Learn How To Have Montessori At Home!

The years from birth to about six are the most formative period of a human being's life. At no other time are we more open and sensitive to experiences and information coming from our environment. The experiences young children have from birth to age six literally mold their brains and their personalities.
Montessori learning activities with mom
Montessori schools are wonderful; but not all children can attend one. The home is another ideal place to do Montessori early learning. Your child is closely bonded with you; your face, voice, manner, and habits. Doing learning activities expands this relationship in beautiful, powerful ways.

Early learning is not primarily about reading, writing, and math, or pushing children to become young geniuses. Skills such as reading and using numbers are byproducts of strong brain development and a positive, confident self-image.

Montessori practical life activitiesBringing Montessori early learning activities to your home will help your child with muscle control & coordination, sensory awareness & refinement, positive self image, learning & thinking, and independence. Who doesn't want happy, enthusiastic, and engaged children? Everyone wants that for their children, of course!  What most parents need for this to happen is ... Read the Full Article.
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