A Toddler Montessori Room

What might you find in a Toddler Montessori room at your local Montessori preschool? 

A Toddler Montessori Classroom

  Some items might be (but not limited to):
  • small tables and chairs
  • accessible shelves
  • a large mirror at the height of the children
  • dressing frames
  • dry transfer with spoon (ie. spooning beans)
  • water transfer (ie. using a sponge)
  • play dough (rolling pin, shape cutters)
  • large bolts (with a big head) that screw into a piece of wood
  • transfer with tongs (cotton balls)
  • simple boxes & bottles
  • nesting boxes or cups
  • nuts & bolts (large wooden)
  • object permanence box
  • single shape puzzles
  • multiple shape puzzles
  • colored discs and dowels
  • 5 largest cubes of the pink tower
  • busy beads
  • cylinder blocks
  • stacking rings
  • 5 shortest red rods
  • touch boards
  • color box 1 and 2
  • sound boxes
  • fabrics
  • large Toddler Cards
  • hard cover books

An accessible sink area for Toddlers in a Montessori school.

   There should be a sink that is accessible to little ones - with a stool in case height is still an issue. A faucet and soap pump that little hands can manage is a must! And don't forget the mirror so that they can see their dirty/clean faces. A step-on garbage can is always a favorite with the little ones and keeps hands clean.

If you have photos of your Toddler Montessori room and wish to share, please link up in the comments section.

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