Types of Mountains and Mountain Nomenclature Cards and Book

It's wonderful how Montessori encourages and incorporates nature throughout the entire environment. Whether in the form of a nature table, nature walks or the study of natural geography,  the children are continually exposed to the wonder and joy of our beautiful planet. 

Montessori Nomenclature is a fantastic tool that can be used
to help children gain a greater understanding of the natural environment that surrounds them.

Mountain Nomenclature Cards & Book

The 6 parts of the mountain are: mountain, base, slope, ridge, face, and peak.

  • 6 cards with labels
  • 6 cards without labels
  • 6 labels
  • 1 black-line master

Mountain Nomenclature Cards - Printable Montessori materials for Montessori Learning at home and school.

This Mountain Nomenclature Book can be used in book or card format. It illustrates and describes 6 parts of a mountain: mountain, base, slope, ridge, face, and peak.

  • book cover
  • 6 picture cards
  • 6 description cards

Montessori Nomenclature - Parts of the Mountain Nomenclature Book

Types of Mountains

These information and photographic cards will help children learn to classify 5 types of Mountains: Fault-block Mountains, Fold Mountains, Volcanic Mountains, Dome Mountains, and Plateau Mountains.

This work includes:

  • 1 page outlining the Importance of Mountains
  • definition Cards for each of the 5 types of mountains (3-part cards)
  • diagram for each of the 5 types of mountains (3-part cards)
  • 4 photographic examples of Fault-block Mountains (3-part cards)
  • 4 photographic examples of Fold Mountains (3-part cards)
  • 4 photographic examples of Volcanic Mountains (3-part cards)
  • 4 photographic examples of Dome Mountains (3-part cards)
  • 4 photographic examples of Plateau Mountains (3-part cards)
  • Control Chart showing the correct classification of the photo cards

We've written about how to use Montessori nomenclature, bind a booklet, and store your nomenclature - take a few minutes to read the tutorials.

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