Animal Adaptation: Birds & Feet

Animal Adaptation: Birds and Feet

Earlier in June we listed our June FreebieAnimal Adaptations: Birds & Beaks.

Free Animal Adaptation Cards: Birds and Beaks by Montessori Print Shop
It’s a fun lesson for children to learn about the various shapes and purposes of a variety of bird beaks. It’s always a free download, so if you didn’t get your copy be sure to save yourself a copy by visiting our Free Montessori Downloads page … you’ll have to scroll far down the page.

A NEW Release for July is Animal Adaptation: Birds & Feet. It’s not a free item, but reasonably priced (and if you scroll to the bottom of this post you can win yourself a copy).

Animal Adaptation: Birds & Feet

Animal Adaptation Cards: Birds and Feet by Montessori Print ShopThis work includes 6 types of bird feet:

  • 6 photographic images (1 for each type of foot)
  • 6 cards describing the 6 types of feet
  • 6 labels for the feet
  • title cards
  • 18 photographic bird cards for sorting
  • 1 Control Chart

5 lucky people will win Animal Adaptation: Birds & Feet!!
1 simple entry per person.
Starts right now – ends Tuesday July 24, 2012 at 12:01am EST

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The Animal Kingdom Bundle – Giveaway

The Animal Kingdom Bundle Giveaway

This Giveaway is now CLOSED.

It’s the summer and it’s Friday … so a Giveaway seems in order!¬† We know many of you take time over the summer to make new materials for your classrooms and homeschools – so be sure to visit the “How To..” section on our website. You’ll find lots of information on preparing and using our materials.

Anyone who has shopped in our online store can see that we’ve created a lot of animal lessons and last month we finally released the Six Kingdoms, Animal Kingdom , and Vertebrates & Invertebrates material. Children just LOVE learning about animals and you’ll surely find something to capture their attention in our Science/Animals section.

Now, on to the Giveaway. We have 2 Animal Kingdom Bundles to give to 2 lucky winners! The first entry is very simple and then you’ll have several opportunities to gain additional entries (some options will give you 3+ additional entries). See the Rafflecopter widget below to enter.

Giveaway ends: 12:01am EST on July 20, 2012

The Animal Kingdom Bundle includes the following:

Animal Kingdom Cards by Montessori Print Shop

Animal Kingdom Bundle

This Bundle includes 11 files for the Animal Kingdom.

Animal Kingdom – Charts
Animal Kingdom – Information Cards
Porifera 3-Part Cards (8 types)
Cnidaria 3-Part Cards Cards (8 types)
Platyhelminthes 3-Part Cards (8 types)
Nematoda 3-Part Cards (8 types)
Mollusca 3-Part Cards (8 types)
Annelida 3-Part Cards (8 types)
Arthropoda 3-Part Cards (8 types)
Echinodermata 3-Part Cards (8 types)
Chordata 3-Part Cards (8 types)

The winners have an option to choose the bundle as it’s shown above, or they can opt for the bundle that has the color-coded borders.

The Rules of the Giveaway

This Giveaway is open to anyone 18 and older, worldwide. The Giveaway gifts are in pdf file format and will be downloaded from our eStore. In order for our system to process the download links we require the following from each winner: name, address, telephone#, and email address. All information is kept confidential. Winners will be contacted by email after the draw and will have 3 days to respond or another winner will be drawn.

The first entry is mandatory. After you’ve completed the mandatory entry there are optional entries. Check to see which entries can be repeated each day.

In order to complete your entry (i.e. Leave a Comment below) you must click the +1 Do IT! button so that you know what is required for the entry.


Complete your entry.Then click the green check mark button to record your entry.


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Free Australia Fun Fact Cards

Free Australia Fun Fact Cards

A few weeks ago we had a great Giveaway for a wooden puzzle map of Australia and loads of printables for Australia/Oceania. One of the entries for the giveaway was to leave a comment on an interesting/fun fact about Australia. We’ve compiled all the facts and created a set of free Australia Fun Fact Cards for you! It will be a great free addition to all our other Continent printables that make Continent Boxes a snap.

The cards are available with either a brown border, or without any color border – you choose the one you want. Simply click the link to be directed to our page of free printable Montessori materials – scroll down the page until you see the cards.

 Free Australia Fun Fact Cards Рwith or without color borders
Free Australia Fun Fact Cards by Montessori Print ShopThanks to everyone for all the great facts about Australia!