Treat your child’s teacher to some printable Montessori materials

As the school year comes to an end many families wish to give their thanks to the teachers who have spent the year with their children.

As you’re all aware, being a successful teacher takes many talents, a lot of dedication, and access to good resources. Many of the materials used to teach your children come at the expense of the teacher. Most schools have very limited budgets and many teachers often use their own money and personal time to purchase and prepare their materials.

A great way to thank those teachers is to treat them to our printable Montessori materials. With over 1280 printable materials to choose from, every teacher can find something they need.

We’re pleased to offer Gift Certificates in a variety of denominations ($15, $20, $25, $30, $40, $50, $75, and $100). For a limited time they are available at a reduced price. Yes, you’ll get more value for your money which means more resources for your favorite teachers!

For a limited time, a $25 Gift Certificate will only cost you $20!

Gift Certificates for Printable Montessori Materials

So be sure to say “Thank You!” to all the teachers in your children’s life and consider purchasing a Gift Certificate for them today.

Free Montessori Printable for May: Animal Heads and Tails

Animal Heads & Tails

The Free Montessori printable for May is now available! Please remember that you must visit our Free Downloads page to download this item (you will have to scroll to the bottom of the downloads page).

This work includes:

  • basic instructions
  • 12 animal cards with division of head or tail shown
    • 1 set with labels
    • 1 set without labels
Free Animal Heads and Tails printable by Montessori Print Shop

Free Animal Heads and Tails printable

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May 2013 New Montessori Materials by Montessori Print Shop