Win 38 sets of printable Montessori Nomenclature Cards

Win 38 sets of printable Montessori Nomenclature Cards

Happy summer holidays to those of you who have already wrapped up your school year! Take a breath, enjoy the sunshine and time with your families.

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As you know, the summer will pass quickly and it’s important to do some prep work for the next school year. We’re going to help you out by giving away 38 sets of Nomenclature Cards (Bundle 1 and Bundle 2) that has a retail value of $89.07 in our store.


Bundle 1 includes 16 sets of different nomenclatureOther Nomenclature Bundle 1 Each of the parts are offered in a 3-part card format (learn how to use nomenclature) and are illustrated in full color. 3-part colored nomenclature cards

Sample of what’s included in Bundle 1Montessori Nomenclature Cards by Montessori Print ShopOther-Cards-2-500Other-Cards-3

Bundle 2 includes 22 sets of 3-part cards:Other Nomenclature Bundle 2

Sample of what’s included in Bundle 2Other Nomenclature Cards Bundle 2-1Other Nomenclature Cards Bundle 2-2Other Nomenclaure Cards Bundle 2-3So how do you win these 2 fantastic Nomenclature Bundles? Simply use the Rafflecopter form below to enter!

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82 thoughts on “Win 38 sets of printable Montessori Nomenclature Cards

  1. There are already a lot that you have but it would be nice to see more nomenclature cards on musical instruments, like Chinese orchestra instruments.

  2. There are so many nomenclature cards available already. I would like to see more geography cards, particularly related to biomes

  3. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway! I agree with previous poster about cards for birth and breastfeeding including other animals birthing and nursing their young!

  4. I love your products, but would like to see more definitions and detailed information with your nomenclature cards and other materials

  5. What a great give away. I would love to see more information cards or definitions to go with the nomenclature card sets you already have. Also some additional nomenclature for American History would be great! Thanks!

  6. I would like to see more nomenclature with written summaries so that they can be used for elementary aged children as well as the 3-6. More words, more explanations… at the moment I write my own summaries to go with the cards I have – which works but OH if it were already done that would be one less job for me!

  7. I love these cards and not sure what I would ask for. I teach preschool so maybe geography and science for that age group. Shadows and reflections is one of our units.

  8. What a wonderful offer, thank you.
    I teach English to 3-6 yr old children in France so, on top of the existing cards, what I’d like to see would be cards on the theme of family members (mum, dad, sister, brother etc) and personal cards (boy, girl, woman, man,) to support lessons on individual identity and relationships.

  9. Hi, I’m in Australia so would love to see something specific to here. . Australian birds would be great, or marsupials

  10. My children would love to play with the cards… And their mama would be so happy that the y would be learning while playing

  11. This would be an awesome giveaway for my 5 year old son!
    I would love to see some nomenclature cards on pregnancy/breastfeeding with a focus on humans and other mammals. Its always a fun and challenging topic to present to children.

  12. I would love to win these not only for myself, but to share with my teacher’s assistant who is off to training this summer to get her Montessori credential! I am very excited for her, though I will miss her as my assistant!

  13. Montessori Print Shop has high quality materials. The nomenclature cards offered is a real asset to the classroom and the illustrations used catches the child’s eye and holds the child’s interests. I would like to see cards that cover living things in a pond and ocean.

  14. We would really love this and the children in our Montessori school would get so much fun learning with this collection.

  15. It would be lovely to see different ethnicities represented – so that it’s not just not just European bodies that are represented in “parts of the body”, for example. I would like all my children to feel that they are visible, and represented.

  16. This August I will be going to work in a school in Nairobi, Kenya situated in a large slum area. These nomenclature cards would be so valuable to our work there.

    As for new nomenclature cards – would love to see a set of nomenclature cards having to do with the evolutionary stages/timeline of the Universe; the set could also be used as a sequencing activity.

  17. I’m thrilled with the idea of this giveaway, and as a new teacher I can’t say how invaluable these materials really are.
    Thank you, Montessori Print Shop!

  18. This is an amazing giveaway! I just started experimenting with Montessori and love everything you have to offer. Thanks for this contest!

  19. I love your company. Your the first place i go to find products. I have also dealt with your customer service department and they were wonderful. I would like to see emotion cards, state cards, Spanish cards.

  20. I always love using your materials. Last year I bought animal and plant cell. This year I love to see Eukaryotic Cell and Prokaryotic Cell. When we do classification, I love to teach little bit about each kingdom and since I have older ones too it will be great to have them expose to different types of cells.
    Food groups is another thing I want see this year. A three part card with basic food groups and how different foods helps our body.

  21. I love everything you offer! It would be great to see more materials for peace education and problem solving for lower elementary students. Thanks for the opportunity to win a bundle from you!

  22. Your collection is so complete that I can’t think of additional cards to add. Perhaps a set on feelings.

  23. I would love to see some more Catholic/Christian Nomenclature: leaders of the Church,sign of the cross, Sacraments, parts of the Mass, etc

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