New Printable Banana and Pineapple Nomenclature Cards and Books

Printable Banana and Pineapple Nomenclature Cards and Books

It’s been a little nippy here in our neck of the woods …. with the wind chill it feels like -18 Celsius today! So we thought it would be fun to create some new tropical materials that will help us think of warmer weather.

We chose 2 fruits that the children would find interesting, both in the nomenclature and the life cycle. These fruits are also readily available to purchase so that you can bring the real fruit to the children to see, touch, and taste in real life while they learn from the printed cards. It’s an excellent way to enrich their learning experience.

Remember, all of our nomenclature is available in both color accents, and red accents. The Life Cycles are listed in both sections as they are created with full color photography.

To help you learn how to use Montessori Nomenclature properly, we’ve written tutorials on How to Use Nomenclature, Bind a Nomenclature Book, Store Nomenclature, and Store Black-line Masters.

Now on to the new materials for Jan 2015.

Banana Life Cycle Nomenclature Cards and ChartsBanana Life Cycle Nomenclature Cards

Banana Life Cycle Nomenclature BookBanana Life Cycle Nomenclature BookBanana Plant Nomenclature CardsBanana Plant Nomenclature CardsBanana Plant Nomenclature BookBanana Plant Nomenclature BookBanana Nomenclature CardsBanana Nomenclature Cards

Banana Nomenclature BookBanana Nomenclature Book

Pineapple Life Cycle Nomenclature Cards & ChartsPineapple-Life-Cycle-Cards2-L

Pineapple Life Cycle Nomenclature BookPineappleLCBk-L

Pineapple Plant Nomenclature CardsPineapplePlantCds-L

Pineapple Plant Nomenclature BookPineapplePlantBK-L

Pineapple Nomenclature CardsPineappleCds-L

Pineapple Nomenclature BookPineappleBk-L

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