Win 75 Montessori Math Materials: Operations, Extensions, Geometry

Next up for our 11th Anniversary Birthday Bash – 3 Math Bundles. These 3 Math Bundles include a total of 75 printable Montessori Materials that cover math operations, extensions, and geometry. This giveaway runs Jan 19-31, 2015.

75 printable Montessori Math Materials

This giveaway is open world-wide. Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. There is no purchase necessary.

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77 thoughts on “Win 75 Montessori Math Materials: Operations, Extensions, Geometry

  1. Hard to pick a favorite when all of the materials are part of an ingenious scope and sequence! However, the golden beads stand out due to their inherent beauty (invitation to the child) and vivid geometric representation of the decimal system.

  2. montessori red and blue number rods…they just scream “montessori” to me and are so great for so many different applications in learning…introduction to numbers and amounts, measurements, fractions, addition and subtration, base ten, etc. the list just goes on!

  3. were just beginning with montessori, my children love the manipulatives, counting spindles, stair/blocks and pink tower, the beads are next to try on our list, I love that they can touch and explore and own their discoveries, and its real and meaningful, not just print on a page – which shuts them down. JUST LOVING MONTESSORI

  4. We are almost ready to start math so we don’t have a favorite, yet. However, I love the idea of the bead materials, I wish I had access to these when I was in school.

  5. We are just getting started with homeschooling so we haven’t tried any Montessori Math yet but it all looks so interesting.

  6. Thanks for the giveaways! And your service to the Montessori community. I’ve just ordered some more materials–now if I can just find the time to make them and get them on the shelves!

  7. There are so many things that are neat about Montessori materials. The best thing about the mathematics is that the same material can be used for simple exercises and also for more in depth teaching. Very wise use of material for a sustainable mom. My kids love the bead material!

  8. We haven’t used much yet, but I think math is one of the best concepts to go Montessori with so there is actual understanding and not just plugging numbers into formulas.

  9. I love all the maths material. I love the way the materials start at the beginning of counting to number recognition and expands which helps the child explore maths and progress at their own level and pace.

  10. I’m so excited for these contests! I love the Montessori beads… I wish I had been a Montessori kid – I’d be MUCH better at math!

  11. I’m a major fan of the place value number cards. Even as an adult math teacher (for high school), I had a major “ah-ha” moment when I saw those. My students– jaded but hilarious teenagers– would have felt it too beneath them at that point in their mathematical careers. But I’m hoping to give my daughter that “ah-ha” moment long before she has the chance to become jaded about math.

  12. I love most of the Montessori math materials. The Addition Snake Game and the Checkerboard are probably my two favorites. :o)

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