Win 93 printable Montessori Geography Lessons

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Win 93 Geography files – retail value $214.96printable Montessori Geography Lessons

Includes the following Geography Bundles – you choose if you’d like the cards with color borders or without color borders:

  1. North America (6 files)
  2. South America (6 files)
  3. Africa (6 files)
  4. Asia (7 files)
  5. Australia/Australasia/Oceania (7 files)
  6. Europe (6 files)
  7. Antarctica (continent folder & animals) (2 files)
  8. Pin Maps (12 files)
  9. Pin Flags (14 files)
  10. Flags: Black-line Masters (8 files)
  11. Land & Water Forms (15 files)
  12. Continent Cards (hemisphere & world) (2 files)
  13. Animals of the Continents & Animals of the Continents Booklets (2 files)

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45 thoughts on “Win 93 printable Montessori Geography Lessons

  1. I love them all! Maybe a big wall map with additional pieces that go with it such as animals on each continent & major water sources

  2. Not sure if you would categorize this under geography or not, but volcano nomenclature book or 3 part cards. Also I love the homes around the world cards, so others like this like famous landforms around the world, people around the world, etc. would be great.

  3. Maybe some templates and instructions for making globes? Apologies if these are already there! You have so many tempting things!

  4. The only thing I can think of when looking at this list, is to maybe include a set of the unique and rare land forms or bodies of water found on earth.

  5. Geography comes up no matter what you are teaching and these are always useful as extensions to the continent map puzzles for the older children I teach too.

  6. My older son has loved Geography from very early on and was fascinated with the Montessori puzzle maps. When he was about 3 1/2 years old, he tried to build the world using all 6 and was confused why they did not fit together properly. He overcame this obstacle and still built the world. It was not quite exact but it was wonderful how he was able to get a work-around. I was so proud of him. I wrote to Neinhuis asking them if they could make the maps to the same scale so that an extension activity can be added where kids can make the world map and not get frustrated. Getting these extra lessons would further develop my sons’ geography interest and knowledge.

  7. If there was a traditional dress-to-country match/three part card, that’s be awesome! Being from Florida, we get visitors from all around the world and often they wear traditional garb and my daughter always inquires about why they are dressed in a different fashion than we are…I often don’t know which country they are from so I give a generic answer of how they’re visiting from a different country, but it never seems to be enough of an explanation.

  8. I didn’t see my previous post but it was about underwater landforms. I would love to see those. There is currently only one company that offers them and they are not printable (which is super helpful and convenient)

  9. I strongly feel that the oceans get short shrift in most Montessori classrooms. Perhaps if good material was available, this would be corrected. Our oceans, more than our land, are vital to our survival.

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