Win a $200 Coupon Code for printable Montessori materials

The next great giveaway in our 11th Anniversary Birthday Bash is a $200 Coupon Code for anything available in the Montessori Print Shop online store (includes CD Roms, Bundles, Individual Files, and Sale Items).

Montessori Print Shop Gift Certificate

How great is that?! Now that’s a fantastic way to get the New Year started off right.

This giveaway is open world-wide. Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. There is no purchase necessary.

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89 thoughts on “Win a $200 Coupon Code for printable Montessori materials

  1. I would love a range of materials including extensions for the sensorial activities, geography and language items! I would have to prioritise

  2. the motessori at home ebook and materials bundle, as well as the primary teaching manuals…and its a toss up between cycles 1 and 2 of the classical conversions bundles, and the toddler and art cards and books [without borders] bundles.

  3. What to buy… what to buy… That is a very difficult decision! Probably some Nomenclature sets, maybe some geography bundles. It would take me a while to decide!

  4. geography, math and language, my children are so keen to learn with the montessori method, there becoming more creative, retaining more , and inspired..

  5. We are considering homeschooling our son and would find materials from the Montessori Print Shop, especially math items, so be extremely useful!

  6. I am definitely in need of putting together more language materials, particularly pink and blue series. I also have a few of the art works (Emily Carr & Van Gogh) but I would love to get the rest of those as well.

  7. We are just getting started so there is a lot I have on my wish list. I don’t have any math yet and would like to expand our language lessons. Thank you!!

  8. I really enjoy all your materiel and for us so far away ; in OSlo Norway , it is really usefull in the little Children House where I work and in my new social entreprise, “A Joyful Child” , for new parent to help them to realise, the way to have trust in their children ! thanks so much for all your work and ideas!

  9. I’d buy a lot. We are just starting this montessori journey. I’d probably buy a lot of 3 part cards. They are a hit with my 4 year old.

  10. We would love to win this $200 prize! We would love any materials but, if we had to choose maybe planets, animals, nature, or weather cards!

  11. Any material that I don’t already have and would be relevant for older kids. Maybe mathematics, language or geography.

  12. Happy Birthday Montessori Print Shop! As a former Montessori teacher and now a homeschooling mom, I’d love just about anything from you. Geography, Language, Beautiful picture cards…..thank you for the opportunity!

  13. One of the first things I’d do is purchase the rest of the continents we are missing. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  14. There are so many wonderful things available that I will be lost choosing what to get!!! I would be so happy to stock up the language and nomenclature materials

  15. Oh, there is so much to choose from. I think I’d like some of the geography sets – for the different continents etc. I’d also buy some more animal 3 part cards.

  16. Happy Anniversary, MPS! :o)

    If I am fortunate enough to win this $200 coupon code (WOW, that’s a lot!), I will select materials that will allow my students additional opportunities to practice their skills and deepen their understanding of a particular subject matter. The Step 3 Language materials, for example, would be a helpful addition to our existing language curriculum. I have a few of the Math Operation materials already, but I would love to add to the collection, especially the word problems and some of the multiplication materials that I don’t already have.

    Thanks for the opportunity! :o)

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