Win our Montessori Pink, Blue, and Green Phonetic Language Series

Win our Montessori Pink, Blue, and Green Phonetic Language Series

Happy 11th Birthday to Us! This is the last giveaway of our 11th Anniversary Birthday Bash.  Be sure to see all the great giveaways that end Jan 31, 2015.


This fantastic Montessori Language Series includes the following Pink Blue Green Bundles. The Bundles contains 51 pdf files and instructions that you print and prepare for your children to use. Click the individual links to view the contents of each Series.

 Montessori Green Phonogram Series Bundle – 20 LessonsMontessori Green Phonogram Language Series by Montessori Print Shop

The winner has the option of choosing the non-color coded Series
– also known as Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3 in our store.

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Win 93 printable Montessori Geography Lessons

Happy 11th Birthday to Us! In case you’re new to Montessori Print Shop, please be sure to visit our 11th Anniversary Birthday Bash to see all the great giveaways that end Jan 31, 2015.

This is the second last giveaway for our celebration and it’s a great one!

Win 93 Geography files – retail value $214.96printable Montessori Geography Lessons

Includes the following Geography Bundles – you choose if you’d like the cards with color borders or without color borders:

  1. North America (6 files)
  2. South America (6 files)
  3. Africa (6 files)
  4. Asia (7 files)
  5. Australia/Australasia/Oceania (7 files)
  6. Europe (6 files)
  7. Antarctica (continent folder & animals) (2 files)
  8. Pin Maps (12 files)
  9. Pin Flags (14 files)
  10. Flags: Black-line Masters (8 files)
  11. Land & Water Forms (15 files)
  12. Continent Cards (hemisphere & world) (2 files)
  13. Animals of the Continents & Animals of the Continents Booklets (2 files)

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Win a set of Primary Montessori Teaching Manuals and the Montessori At Home eBook and Printables

Next up for our 11th Anniversary Birthday Bash – 4 Primary Montessori Teaching Manuals and the Montessori At Home! eBook and Printables Bundle.


This is a great prize, especially for those of you are just beginning your homeschool journey, or are starting to incorporate Montessori materials/lessons into your classroom.

Montessori Print Shop Primary Teaching Manuals

The Primary Montessori Teaching Manuals Bundle includes the following theory and lessons for children ages 2½ to 6 years of age:

  • Practical Life Teaching Manual (Theory + 75 lessons)
  • Sensorial Teaching Manual (Theory + 45 lessons
  • Language Teaching Manual (Theory + 30 lessons)
  • Math Teaching Manual (Theory + 52 lessons)

Montessori at Home eBook and Printables

The Montessori At Home! eBook and Materials Bundle includes:

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Win 75 Montessori Math Materials: Operations, Extensions, Geometry

Next up for our 11th Anniversary Birthday Bash – 3 Math Bundles. These 3 Math Bundles include a total of 75 printable Montessori Materials that cover math operations, extensions, and geometry. This giveaway runs Jan 19-31, 2015.

75 printable Montessori Math Materials

This giveaway is open world-wide. Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. There is no purchase necessary.

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Win a $200 Coupon Code for printable Montessori materials

The next great giveaway in our 11th Anniversary Birthday Bash is a $200 Coupon Code for anything available in the Montessori Print Shop online store (includes CD Roms, Bundles, Individual Files, and Sale Items).

Montessori Print Shop Gift Certificate

How great is that?! Now that’s a fantastic way to get the New Year started off right.

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Win our Deluxe CD Rom Collection with over 1700 Montessori materials

What a great way to start off the celebration of our 11th Anniversary! One lucky person will win this awesome 3 disc collection that contains 1771 printable Montessori materials (including 4 Primary Montessori Teaching Manuals). We’ve got you covered from Toddler (18 months) to Elementary (12 years).

This collection is priced at $899.99. But if you were to purchase all of the files individually, it would cost you $4,020.93. And now you can win it for FREE! That’s an awesome prize.

Montessori Print Shop Deluxe CD Rom

This giveaway is open world-wide. Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. There is no purchase necessary.

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We’re Celebrating 11 Years of our Printable Montessori Materials

MPS 11th Birthday BashIt’s hard to believe that it’s been 11 years since Montessori Print Shop began. What started off as a project to provide our own children with language materials, has grown into over 1700 materials for every area of the classroom. Wow!

We’re incredibly grateful to all of our customers and supporters from all over the world. Without you, MPS simply wouldn’t exist. We are especially grateful to John Bowman (Montessori At Home!), and Deb Chitwood (Living Montessori Now). They have both supported MPS for many years, offering a wonderful platform that supports and highlights our work. They are wonderful contributors to the online Montessori community and we encourage you to check them out.

We’re going to continue the MPS tradition of giving away our printable Montessori materials as we celebrate our 11th Anniversary this month. We like to call it our Birthday Bash – with new giveaways starting from January 15th to the 24th; all giveaways will end on Jan 31st and the winners will be announced and contacted on February 1st, 2015. Each giveaway will include an easy entry, and additional opportunities to earn entries via Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.

So what’s on the gift list? Here’s the run down and the retail value of each gift:

  1. Deluxe CD Rom Collection – $899.99
  2. Two x $100.00 Gift Certificates – $200.00
  3. Three Math Bundles (Operations, Extensions, Geometry) – $139.49
  4. Primary Teaching Manuals & Montessori At Home! eBook & Materials – $91.22
  5. 9 Geography Bundles (6 Continents, Maps, Flags, Land & Water Forms) – $177.16
  6. Pink, Blue, Green Language Series (or Step 1, 2, 3) – $87.26

That’s over $1,500.00 in printable Montessori materials. The party begins Thursday January 15, 2015 so stay tuned in. You can follow the fun on our homepage, here on our blog, or on Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

Cyber Monday Sales on Printable Montessori Materials

We’ve started our Cyber Monday Sales a little early. Start saving big on some awesome  CD Roms and Bundles. CyberMonday2014-2-smWe’ve also listed our December Sales early. So get a jump start on your new materials today!

You have just over 48 hours left to enter to win a digital copy of Creative Yoga for Children. It’s a fantastic book that we highly recommend. This giveaway is open World-Wide.Creative Yoga for Children Giveaway

Creative Yoga for Children Giveaway

This month we have the absolute pleasure of giving away a digital copy of “Creative Yoga for Children“. It’s contains over 200 pages of mindful goodness!

Creative Yoga for Children Giveaway

It’s a wonderful resource of 40 (clearly laid-out) lesson plans for children ages 4-12 years. It compliments the Montessori classroom beautifully (developed and written by an experienced Montessori and yoga teacher), but can be implemented in any style of classroom with great success.

Why bring yoga into your classroom? Studies show that yoga improves students’ behavior, physical health, academic performance, and attitudes toward themselves.

Creative Yoga for Children is a perfect resource for schools seeking to incorporate yoga and mindfulness programs into their curriculum, or for parents to encourage body-mind awareness at home. Creative Yoga for Children promotes physical, emotional, and social development through stress reduction, movement, and free exploration.

Creative Yoga for Children

What makes this book such a gem? There are so many reasons!

  • It’s not limited to experienced Yoga teachers; anyone can use this book.
  • The book is clearly laid out with class themes relevant to any system of education.
  • It’s divided into three age groups: 4-6, 7-9, 10-12.
  • It incorporates yoga and educational concepts; full body and mind experiences.
  • Each class includes the following: educational elements, props, intention, warm-up, connect, activity, breath, book, meditation, and gratitude. There is also an indication of the length of time for each segment of the class.
  • The book also includes: Book List, Arts & Crafts, Partner Pose Guide, photographic Poses (sea creatures, birds, mammals, amphibians & reptiles, insects, vegetables, minerals), Mudra Guide, Vinyasas (Warm-Up Flows), and Breathing Exercises.

To learn more about Creative Yoga for Children please visit their website.

Creative Yoga for Children

We’re giving away 1 digital copy of Creative Yoga for Children.

Open World-Wide from Monday Nov 24 – Wednesday Dec 3, 2014

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NOTE: We were provided a free copy of Creative Yoga for Children for this review, however all opinions are our own and were not influenced by this. This post contains links to purchase this book through various sources – these are not affiliate links (we do not receive any financial compensation for the sale of Creative Yoga for Children).

Elementary Nomenclature Giveaway

Elementary Nomenclature Giveaway

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer with family and friends. As the summer progresses we’re sure you’re starting to think about the beginning of the new school year and all of the wonderful new materials you plan on adding to your classroom.

Some of the new materials available in our store:

US State FlowersUS State Flowers

Addition Snake Game CardsMontessori Addition Snake Game Cards

And did you download the FREE printable we listed in June? It’s a fun set of 3-part cards that highlights 14 different marsupials. It’s a great starting point for children who are interested in marsupials. You can download it here (if it doesn’t download properly, try another browser: IE, Chrome, etc).

FREE Marsupial 3-Part CardsMarsupials 3-part cardsFor those of you who are new to MPS, you can download over 60+ free Montessori printables on our Free Downloads page.

We’ve also begun a selection of Elementary Nomenclature. What’s the difference between the Elementary Nomenclature and the Primary Nomenclature? The Primary Nomenclature is offered as 3-part cards with each “part” highlighted in color or in red. This helps bring each “part” to the attention of the children without distraction.The materials also include a black-line master so that the children can color, label, and create their own nomenclature booklet.

primary Montessori chicken nomenclature

The Elementary Nomenclature is formatted to a black and white letter-sized page with all of the “parts” labeled (usually more parts are identified than with the Primary Nomenclature). Another page comes with lines but no labels. And yet a third page comes without lines or labels – giving the child the freedom to label, color, or make notations as desired. We’ve also included 1 page of 4 smaller black-line masters for children who still wish to make a booklet as they did in the Primary classroom.

Elementary Nomenclature


We’d like to help you out with some new materials by hosting a giveaway! We now have 9 Elementary Nomenclature materials available and we’re going to give them away to 2 lucky winners. All materials come in pdf file format – you download the file and print it as needed.

Win 9 sets of Elementary Montessori Nomenclature. Open World-Wide - July 8 to July 15, 2014Included in this Giveaway are the following Elementary Nomenclature files:

  1. chicken
  2. cow
  3. duck
  4. goat
  5. honey bee
  6. horse
  7. pill bug
  8. rabbit
  9. sheep

Remember, there will be 2 winners. Once the mandatory entry is completed you will have access to additional entries (some of which are available each day).
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