Montessori Practical Life Activities for October

I hesitated to call all the following activities ‘Practical Life’ activities … as some are not very practical in the grand scheme of life. However, generally the Practical Life area of the classroom is the one that hosts activities of this nature (practical or not). Some of these activities could be put in the Art area, or Sensorial area as well – you choose.
The change of seasons is a wonderful time to change activities and bring a new sense of wonderment to the classroom. Bringing nature into the classroom will help draw the children closer to their natural roots and can inspire them to learn.

Leaf rubbing, seed collection, leaf matching, and nature collages are a few of the nature activities that can be easily incorporated into various areas of the Montessori classroom.

leaf_rubbing_craftasclepiasseeds2RSeedscollectionWe’ve previously written a little bit about the nature table, and you can get some wonderful visual examples of nature tables here on Living Montessori Now.

Some great ideas from around the blogosphere that may inspire you to add some new materials to your classroom:

On The Shelves: October – To The Lesson!
Pumpkins – Living Montessori Now
Pumpkin Polishing – Mommy Moment
“L” is for Leaf – Discovery Days and Montessori Moments
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And of course, you can always drop into our store and purchase some inexpensive printables. Click on a picture to be directed to each item:
Apple Life Cycle Nomenclature CardsApple Nomenclature Cards by Montessori Print ShopPrimary Apple Unit by Montessori Print ShopPumpkin Life Cycle Nomenclature Cards by Montessori Print ShopPumpkin Nomenclature Cards by Montessori Print ShopPrimary Pumpkin Unit by Montessori Print Shop .

Solar System Mat and Cards

Solar System Mat and Cards

A fantastic idea for a DIY solar system mat that was shared on the “Let It Be Montessori” blog. You’re taken step-by-step through the process of making this brilliant mat (with pictures too) – which makes it so much easier to follow along! A fantastic addition to your culture area. Go take a look.

You can learn how to make your own papier-mâché planets here.
It’s labor intensive, but it’s a lot more affordable than purchasing them.


Of course, you can use our 3-Part Solar System Cards to help teach the names of the planets.
Solar System Nomenclature Cards
And the children can learn some fact about the solar system by reading through our Solar System Book.
Solar System Nomenclature Book

Taking Care of My Body: Basic Unit Starter

Taking Care of My Body: Basic Unit Starter

Young children are very curious about their bodies. As a parent you spend a lot of time teaching your youngsters how to care for their own bodies through hygiene, exercise, and healthy eating. A fun way to help with this learning process is by using the  “Taking Care of My Body: Basic Unit Starter”.

Taking Care of My Body!Taking Care of My Body Unit Starter

It includes 10 activities to help children learn the basics of learning about and taking care of their body. The activities are easy to prepare and the blackline masters make it economical for teachers to allow for each child to complete their own copy of the booklets and charts. It includes the following (BLM = blackline master; black & white pages used to make copies for multiple children):

  1. Taking Care of My Body – 8 labeled photographic images (ie. stay clean,
    exercise) that can be prepared as 3-Part Cards.
  2. Body Facts BLM (includes word bank)
  3. Taking Care of My Body Mini Book BLM (1 labeled copy, 1 fill in the blank copy, folding instructions)
  4. Male/Female Body Outline for basic primary anatomy, includes labels –
  5. Healthy Food Group Chart (in color) – cut and paste activity
  6. 22 labeled photographic food cards (11 healthy, 11 unhealthy)
  7. Healthy vs. Unhealthy Food Chart BLM – includes BLM of 22 clip art foods (color, cut, sort & paste activity)
  8. Body shape outline for pin poking or cutting – BLM
  9. Simple Word Search – 7 words, for beginners
  10. 32 word cards (uses the words found throughout this unit starter)
Book Suggestions (click on to link)
Healthy Me book
Healthy Habits for children
Getting Enough SleepEating Rightkeep your body cleanBeing Active




Pumpkin Unit Study and Autumn Word Wall Cards

Pumpkin Unit Study and Autumn Word Wall Cards

Pumpkins are a common theme for our Autumn studies here in Canada. It’s a terrific time to visit local farms, purchase local produce and learn all about pumpkins! We’ve created Pumpkins – Basic Starter Unit and Autumn Word Wall to get your Autumn Theme and pumpkin studies started.
Pumpkin Basic Unit Starter by Montessori Print Shop

This starter unit doesn’t include any other pumpkin related materials found on our website.

This printable file includes:

  1. Pumpkin Facts Cards (includes word bank)
  2. Pumpkin Observation Sheet
  3. Pumpkin Life Cycle Mini Booklet
    • 1 labeled copy
    • 1 blank copy
    • instructions on how to fold the booklet
  4. Pumpkin Poem – copy work
  5. 16 Word Cards – pumpkin related
  6. Five Little Pumpkins Poem – memory work
  7. Spice Wheel – 4 spices that are in pumpkin pie
  8. Follow direction booklet – 7 simple commands (ie. Color the largest pumpkin.)
  9. Pumpkin Pin Poke or Cutting Shapes (prints 4 per page)
  10. Pumpkin Word Search- 9 words, for beginners
  11. Pumpkin Pie Play-dough Recipe (not edible) – make some to use, send recipe home!
Autumn Word Wall Cards by Montessori Print Shop

This printable file includes:

  • 35 Word Wall Cards (approx. 7½” x 2″)


  • Spelling List – random order
  • Spelling List – alphabetical order
  • Blank Spelling List sheet
  • Fill in the Blanks – with picture clues
  • Crossword Puzzle – using all 35 list words

Preparing for Fall …. Apples!

Preparing for Fall …. Apples!

Late summer and early autumn is such a lovely time of the year here in South East Canada. The leaves start changing colors, the heat and humidity become tolerable, the days are shorter, the night air turns crisp. The selection of local produce (esp. apples) is incredible. So logically we always include Apples in our studies!

We’ve created a basic starter unit on apples, apple cards and apple matching – we hope this gets your studies off to a great start!

Apples: Basic Starter UnitApples: Basic Starter Unit by Montessori Print ShopThis starter unit does not include any other apple related materials found on our website.


  1. Apple Facts Cards (includes word bank)
  2. Apple Observation Sheet
  3. Apple Life Cycle Mini Booklet
    • 1 labeled copy
    • 1 blank copy
    • instructions on how to fold the booklet
  4. Apple Poem – copy work
  5. 16 Word Cards – apple related
  6. Simple Word Search – 7 words, for beginners
  7. Seasons of the Apple Tree
    • 1 labeled
    • 1 blank
  8. Apple Tree – draw, paste or stamp little apples on it, then count how many
  9. Apple Pin Poke or Cutting Shape (prints 4 per page)
  10. Apple Graph for Apple Tasting (5 apples, 10 people: 1 preset, 1 blank)

Other great materials that will compliment your study of apples.

Apple Picture Cards – 13 Varieties

  1. Apple Picture Cards by Montessori Print Shop
    • 1 brief Information Card
    • 1 Title Card
    • 13 labeled photographic cards

    Cards are approx. 3½ x 3¼”.


    Apple Match-Up and Memory Game by Montessori Print Shop
    • 4 Match-Up Sheets (approx. 4″ x 10½”) with 5 objects on each card
    • 20 Object cards to use for the Match-Up Sheets
    • 20 Pairs of Object Cards for the Memory Game
    These cards can be used in a variety of ways!
    1. Match the single cards to the Match-Up Sheets
    Apple Match-Up and Memory Game by Montessori Print Shop
    2. Match the single cards together from sight.
    3. Match the single cards together using the traditional “Memory Game”.
    The cards are mixed up and placed face down (in an organized fashion). The first player turns 2 cards face up in hopes of making a match. If the 2 cards match they are placed together off to the side. If the 2 cards do not match, they are turned face down again in the same spot. The next player has a turn trying to find a match. This game is excellent for increasing memory skills.

Beautiful Butterflies!

Butterflies are a wonderful way to start off summer.

There is something magical about watching butterflies flutter around the garden and stop to sip the nectar of the flowers. Children are continually amazed to watch and learn about the life cycle of the caterpillar as it becomes a beautiful butterfly.


We hope some of the following Montessori materials we offer in our online store at and other materials (crafts) listed below will assist you with your unit on Butterflies.

Butterflies: 3-part cards by Montessori Print Shop
The Butterfly: Read and Illustrate by Montessori Print Shop

Butterfly Craft Ideas
dltk-kids – Butterfly Crafts for Kids Family Crafts – Butterfly and Caterpillar Crafts
Building Simple Butterfly Feeders
Butterfly Crafts


Frogs, Frogs, Frogs … it’s that time of year!

We thought that since we’re deep into Spring now that most everyone would be starting to cover the topic of frogs. After all, who doesn’t love spending time at the water’s edge trying to catch tadpoles and frogs?
Here you will find some ideas to help you come up with a well-rounded Frog Unit to offer your children.

Some Book Ideas:



          Plastic Frog Life Cycle                        Grow a Frog                                   Frog Counters – Math



In our Free Montessori Materials section you will find the following:

Free Frog Match-Up and Memory GameFree Frog Match-Up and Memory Game by Montessori Print Shop

Free Frog Nomenclature CardsFree Frog Nomenclature Cards by Montessori Print Shop
   Free Frog Nomenclature Book Free Frog Nomenclature Book by Montessori Print Shop

We also offer a Frog Basic Starter Unit that includes 12 different activities (includes blackline masters where required.

Frog Basic Unit Starter by Montessori Print Shop
Frog Crafts and Activities

  • Frog Craft
  • How Tadpoles Breathe
  • Frog Raft
  • Puddle-Jumping Frog
  • Frog Visor
  • Tic-Tac Toads
We hope that these ideas will help you get started, or increase the Montessori materials and ideas that you already have. Have a great time catching frogs!