Why is the 3 year cycle so important in Montessori?

We’ve previously discussed the goals of a Primary Montessori Program to help Administrators and Teachers keep focus on their program. And to also help parents to begin to understand what to look for in a strong Primary Montessori program. One very important component of a strong program is the 3-year cycle of children. Each child remains in the same classroom with the same few children of their age group for 3 years. Each year a few new 3 year olds come into the program and each age group moves up into the next cycle of the program until a child has spent 3 years in the classroom. It’s essentially giving them the experience of being the youngest, middle, and oldest of the classroom and the responsibilities that come with those roles.

One of the greatest difficulties in running a Primary Montessori program is keeping the children in the program for the full 3 year cycle. Most often there are financial issues involved, pressure from family, friends, and neighbors to send the children to the local (free) Kindergarten program.

There are so many reasons to keep a child in a Primary Montessori program for the full 3 years. Unfortunately, many parents don’t consider the long-term gain and goals of completing the program – they’re only looking at the short-term financial/transportation/social relief that might accompany their decision to leave the program after the second year.

AMS (American Montessori Society) has created a lovely video that outlines many of the reasons for the children to complete the Primary Montessori three-year cycle.

Side Note: We’re not fond of the constant use of the word ‘kindergarten’ used throughout this video. A traditional Kindergarten program and a Montessori program offer entirely different philosophies and materials. We’re not sure why AMS uses the term throughout the video. However, the video is well done and certainly deserves 3½ minutes of your time.


New – Montessori Nomenclature with Red Accents

Great News! We’ve completed all 217 sets of Montessori Nomenclature in red accents. So now all nomenclature is available in both color accents and red accents.

AMI schools tend to use the red accent nomenclature cards and books. The red isolates each part without any distraction of various colors or shades. Our nomenclature cards are formatted in a 3-part card series and include 1 card with a label, 1 card without a label, and 1 label for each part of nomenclature. A black-line master is included so that the children can create their own booklet once they have learned all the parts.

Montessori Nomenclature Cards with red accents

Some of the nomenclature also has a book available that illustrates and describes the various parts that are shown in the cards. The books are typically introduced once the children are familiar with the nomenclature cards and are showing interest in the finer details of a subject.

Montessori Nomenclature-Book with red accent

On our website we offer tutorials on how to prepare 3-part cards, Bind a Booklet, store black-line masters, store Nomenclature Cards and Books, and most importantly – How to Use Montessori Nomenclature.

To get you started on your new red nomenclature cards and books we’re offering you a great deal: Save 20% on all Red Nomenclature Cards! Valid Nov 14 – Nov 28, 2014.

MPS-Red_Card_Sale_Nov_2014The coupon is only valid on Nomenclature with red accents. Use this link to apply the 20% OFF discount code directly to your shopping cart


Free Halloween Photo Matching Cards

Free Halloween Photo Matching Cards

Free Halloween Matching Cards

This work includes:

  • 12 photographic cards with black borders – print 2 copies
  • 12 photographic cards without black borders (same images as the bordered ones)

To download this free item visit our Free Downloads page (you’ll have to scroll to the bottom of the download page to find this item).

New Montessori Materials, Coupon Code, Free Geography Passports

Free Geography Passport for Children

It’s been a busy month here at MPS! Lots of New Materials have been completed this month. As always, you can find them in our online store.

Some of our favorite brand new Nomenclature (in a 3-part card format):printable Montessori NomenclatureAnd finally (because so many of you have asked over the years),  Elementary Language Key Experiences (presentations and printable extension lessons):

Elementary Language Key ExperiencesHere is a 20% OFF Coupon Code: OctThanks2014 (link applies the coupon directly to your shopping cart). The code is valid until Oct 31, 2014 (11:59pm EDT).

Sale at Montessori Print Shop
We’ve recently made some revisions to our FREE Geography Passport. There are now 3 versions of it – to be more accommodating for younger children who do not have the skills to fill in the full version. Visit our Free Downloads page to get those various files.

Free Printable Geography Passport for Continent Studies


Did you get our 20% OFF “Gotta Have It” Coupon Code?

If you’ve not signed up for our Newsletters, or checked in with us on Facebook lately, then you’ve probably not received our 20% OFF “Gotta Have It” Coupon Code.

It’s now a few weeks into the new school year. You’ve had a chance to settle in your classroom and get to know your students. Perhaps you’ve found their interests lie in topics that you weren’t expecting or aren’t prepared for. Is your budget a little slim after all your back to school shopping, but you’re desperate for more materials? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Our “Gotta Have It” Coupon Code will save you 20% OFF everything (including New and Sale items).

A few New Items this month include Life Cycle of the Sea Turtle Cards and Book:Sea Turtle Life Cycle Nomenclature Cards and ChartsBy The Sea Cutting StripsByTheSeaCut_Strips-L

By The Sea Pin-Poke & CuttingBy The Sea Pin-Poke and CuttingChicken Life Cycle Cards and BookChickenLC-L This link will apply the 20% OFF directly to your shopping cart, or use GHISept2014 at checkout. Valid until Sept 30, 2014.


Back to School Sale – Save 20% on Printable Montessori materials

Back to School Sale – Save 20% on Printable Montessori materials

Our summer is winding down here in Ontario Canada, and most teachers are busy preparing new materials for the classrooms. We know budgets for materials are usually quite tight (often coming out of the teacher’s own pocketbook), so we’re happy to be able to offer you all a nice discount before school starts.

If you click here the 20% OFF will be applied directly to your shopping cart. Enjoy!


Elementary Nomenclature Giveaway

Elementary Nomenclature Giveaway

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer with family and friends. As the summer progresses we’re sure you’re starting to think about the beginning of the new school year and all of the wonderful new materials you plan on adding to your classroom.

Some of the new materials available in our store:

US State FlowersUS State Flowers

Addition Snake Game CardsMontessori Addition Snake Game Cards

And did you download the FREE printable we listed in June? It’s a fun set of 3-part cards that highlights 14 different marsupials. It’s a great starting point for children who are interested in marsupials. You can download it here (if it doesn’t download properly, try another browser: IE, Chrome, etc).

FREE Marsupial 3-Part CardsMarsupials 3-part cardsFor those of you who are new to MPS, you can download over 60+ free Montessori printables on our Free Downloads page.

We’ve also begun a selection of Elementary Nomenclature. What’s the difference between the Elementary Nomenclature and the Primary Nomenclature? The Primary Nomenclature is offered as 3-part cards with each “part” highlighted in color or in red. This helps bring each “part” to the attention of the children without distraction.The materials also include a black-line master so that the children can color, label, and create their own nomenclature booklet.

primary Montessori chicken nomenclature

The Elementary Nomenclature is formatted to a black and white letter-sized page with all of the “parts” labeled (usually more parts are identified than with the Primary Nomenclature). Another page comes with lines but no labels. And yet a third page comes without lines or labels – giving the child the freedom to label, color, or make notations as desired. We’ve also included 1 page of 4 smaller black-line masters for children who still wish to make a booklet as they did in the Primary classroom.

Elementary Nomenclature


We’d like to help you out with some new materials by hosting a giveaway! We now have 9 Elementary Nomenclature materials available and we’re going to give them away to 2 lucky winners. All materials come in pdf file format – you download the file and print it as needed.

Win 9 sets of Elementary Montessori Nomenclature. Open World-Wide - July 8 to July 15, 2014Included in this Giveaway are the following Elementary Nomenclature files:

  1. chicken
  2. cow
  3. duck
  4. goat
  5. honey bee
  6. horse
  7. pill bug
  8. rabbit
  9. sheep

Remember, there will be 2 winners. Once the mandatory entry is completed you will have access to additional entries (some of which are available each day).
a Rafflecopter giveaway

A 3 hour Montessori Work Cycle in 4 Minutes

A 3 hour Montessori Work Cycle in 4 Minutes

Here is a wonderful short video of a 3 hour Montessori work cycle (over 3000 photographs taken at Dundas Valley Montessori School). It’s a beautiful, bright environment, lovely children, and some really fantastic work is accomplished. It will make you smile.

Win 38 sets of printable Montessori Nomenclature Cards

Win 38 sets of printable Montessori Nomenclature Cards

Happy summer holidays to those of you who have already wrapped up your school year! Take a breath, enjoy the sunshine and time with your families.

Did you read our June Newsletter? Check it out.

As you know, the summer will pass quickly and it’s important to do some prep work for the next school year. We’re going to help you out by giving away 38 sets of Nomenclature Cards (Bundle 1 and Bundle 2) that has a retail value of $89.07 in our store.


Bundle 1 includes 16 sets of different nomenclatureOther Nomenclature Bundle 1 Each of the parts are offered in a 3-part card format (learn how to use nomenclature) and are illustrated in full color. 3-part colored nomenclature cards

Sample of what’s included in Bundle 1Montessori Nomenclature Cards by Montessori Print ShopOther-Cards-2-500Other-Cards-3

Bundle 2 includes 22 sets of 3-part cards:Other Nomenclature Bundle 2

Sample of what’s included in Bundle 2Other Nomenclature Cards Bundle 2-1Other Nomenclature Cards Bundle 2-2Other Nomenclaure Cards Bundle 2-3So how do you win these 2 fantastic Nomenclature Bundles? Simply use the Rafflecopter form below to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

New Printables at Montessori Print Shop

New Printables at Montessori Print Shop

First off, please excuse the mess on our blog. We’ve just moved over to Word Press, and the import of our posts didn’t quite go as smoothly as we’d hoped. Unfortunately, we have to go through and categorize and retag posts, reload photos, and simply figure out how to use it effectively. For those of you who blog, you know this is a tedious and time consuming task.

You can click on the photos below to be directed to the individual listings or visit our New Materials page that is updated each month (here is May 2014) with all the new listings so that you don’t have to click through our entire store trying to find new items.

Did you miss our Free Printable for May?

We had it listed a little over a week before the Canadian Victoria Day holiday, but we didn’t post about it – sorry!! So if you didn’t know about it, or didn’t hear about it in time, please feel free to download it (go to our Free Materials page) and save it for next year.

Free Victoria Day Celebration by Montessori Print Shop

Getting Ready for Summer

In preparation for summer celebrations of Canada Day and the US 4th of July (Independence Day) we’ve added 2 new Celebrations & Holidays printables:

Canada Day Celebration by Montessori Print Shop

Independence Day Celebration by Montessori Print Shop

Simple and Inexpensive Printables

Earlier in the month we listed some new fun cutting strips and match-up and memory games. Simple and inexpensive printables that encourage concentration, eye-hand coordination, and add some fun to art projects or unit studies. A few samples below (click the photos to go to the listing):

Animal Cutting Strips by Montessori Print Shop

Animal Cutting Strips

Animal Match-Up & Memory Game by Montessori Print Shop

Animal Match-Up & Memory Game

House Cutting Strips by Montessori Print Shop

House Cutting Strips

Sports and Leisure Match-Up & Memory by Montessori Print Shop

Sports and Leisure Match-Up & Memory

Printable Nomenclature Paper

Do you have children who love to draw and label their own nomenclature cards? There is nothing worse then seeing messy labels scrawled across a beautifully hand drawn picture. We now have pink and blue lined Printable Nomenclature Paper that will solve this problem.

Printable Pink Nomenclature Paper by Montessori Print Shop

Printable Pink Lined Nomenclature Paper

Printable Blue Lined Nomenclature Paper by Montessori Print Shop

Printable Blue Lined Nomenclature Paper

Black-line Master Flags of the World

Over the last few months we’ve had many requests for black-line flags of the world and the completion of our Continent maps. We’re happy to say we’ve now completed and listed a lot of new geography materials, including the black-line flags and maps of Oceania. Visit our Geography section for full listings.

Black-line flags of the USA by Montessori Print Shop

Black-line Flags of the USA

Black-line Flags of Australia by Montessori Print Shop

Black-line Flags of Australia

Australasia-Oceania Pin Maps by Montessori Print Shop

Australasia-Oceania Pin Maps

 Be sure to check out all of our New Listings and Sales.

Save 15% OFF with Coupon Code: SAVEMAY14  (use this link to apply 15% OFF directly to your shopping cart). Coupon is valid May 23 to May 31, 2014.